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b as in bad d " " do f " " fox g " " go h " " he j " " just k " " kite l " " let m as in me n " " no p " " put r " " rat s " " so t " " too v " " very w " " we y as in yes z " " froze

ng " " sing ch " " chick sh " " she th " " think th " " the wh(hw),” what



a like o as in what e " a " " where e " a " " they e " u " " her i " u " " girl i " e " " police o, u like oo as in to, rule o " u " " come o " a " " for u, o " oo " " put, could y " i " " by y " i " " kit’ty


c like s as in race c " k " " cat g " j " " cage n like ng as in think s " z " " has x " ks, or gz " box, exist



spokes’man, one who speaks for others.

cho’rus, a number of speakers or singers.

apt, likely; ready.

folks, people; family.

mis’er a ble, very unhappy; very poor.

lone’some, without friends; lonely.

score, twenty.

wretch’ed, unhappy; very sad.

* * * * *



Once upon a time, there was a little boy, whose name was Johnny.  “Johnny,” said his mamma, one day, “will you bring me an armful of wood?”

“Yes,” said Johnny, “I’m going to”; but just then he heard Carlo, the dog, barking at a chipmunk over in the meadow, so he ran off as fast as he could go.

Now this was not the first time that Johnny had said to his mamma, “Yes, I’m going to.”  He never thought of that wood again until about dinner-time, when he began to feel hungry.

When he got back, he found that dinner was over, and papa and mamma had gone to ride.  He found a piece of bread and butter, and sat down on a Large rock, with his back against the stump of a tree, to eat it.

When it was all gone, Johnny began to think what he should do next.  He closed his eyes as people are apt to do when they think.

Presently he heard a score of voices about him.  One was saying, “Wait a bit”; another, “Pretty soon”; another, “In a minute”; another, “By and by”; and still another, louder than the rest, kept screaming as loud as it could, “Going to, going to, going to,” till Johnny thought they were crazy.

“Who in the world are you?” said he, in great surprise, “and what are you making such a noise about?”

“We are telling our names,” said they; “didn’t you ask us to tell our names?”

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