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When he found that his plot had been discovered, his anger knew no bounds.  He gathered his warriors from every hand and laid siege to Detroit.  He was defeated, and with his defeat ended the power of the Indian tribes in the region of the Upper Lakes.

Detroit became an English town, and afterward an American city.  She has gathered to herself the wealth of the fertile regions which lie around her, as well as the commerce of the broad inland seas on either hand.  To-day she has more than one hundred and twenty thousand inhabitants, and is famous for her wealth and culture.

* * * * *

Language Lesson.—­Let pupils review, as a written exercise, the spelling of the following words.

treasure rheumatism group desperate release mischievous courtesy separate weary approach redoubled vegetable stealthy caution mighty stratagem peasants exhausted fortnight spectator concealed draughts knowledge necessary freight guidance flickering particular

In the sentences given below, change the verbs so as to represent the action as completed.

“The chiefs march to the fort in fantastic procession.  They find that their plot is discovered.  Pontiac immediately gathers his warriors from every hand, and lays siege to Detroit.  He is defeated, and with his defeat, the power of the Indian tribes is at an end.”

In the last two sentences, change the verbs so as to represent future time.

Let pupils make out an analysis and use it in treating the subject—­

    The town (or city) that I live in.

Suggestion.—­Include the location and early history of the town.  Its present population.  Its different manufactures.  How to get to it.  Its chief points of interest to a stranger.  Anecdotes.

* * * * *


heave, raise; lift.

mack’er el, a fish spotted with blue, and largely used for food.

con geals’, freezes; grows hard from cold.

ant’lers, branching horns.

a main’, suddenly; at once.

lurks, lies hidden.

reels, frames for winding fishing lines.

teem’ing, containing in abundance.

car’i bou, a kind of reindeer.

Mick’mack, a tribe of Indians.

* * * * *


  Hurra! the seaward breezes
    Sweep down the bay amain;
  Heave up, my lads, the anchor! 
    Run up the sail again! 
  Leave to the lubber landsmen
    The rail-car and the steed;
  The stars of heaven shall guide us
    The breath of heaven shall speed.

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