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“Another slight turn brought him nearly in our direction; but there was a large hole broken through the ice close by the shore, and we saw that, unless he turned again, he would skate into it.

“We thought he was watching the wolves too intently to see it, and we shouted to warn him.  Not so; he knew better than we what he was about.

“When he had reached within a few feet of the hole, he wheeled sharply to the left, and came dashing up to the point where we stood to receive him.

“The wolves, too intent upon their chase to see any thing else, went sweeping past the point where he had turned, and the next moment plunged through the broken ice into the water.

“Then Cudjo and I ran forward, shouting loudly, and, with the heavy rail and the long spear, commenced dealing death among them.

“It was but a short, though exciting scene.  Five of them were speared and drowned, while the sixth crawled out upon the ice and was rapidly making off, frightened enough at his cold ducking.


“At that moment I heard the crack of a rifle and saw the wolf tumble over.

“On turning round I saw Harry with, my rifle, which my wife had brought down and handed to him, as a better marksman than herself.

“The wolf, only wounded, was kicking furiously about on the ice; but Cudjo now ran out, and, after a short struggle, finished the business with his spear.

“This was, indeed, a day of great excitement in our forest home.  Frank, who was the hero of the day, although he said nothing, was no doubt not a little proud of his skating feat.

“And well he might be, as, but for his skill, poor Harry would no doubt have fallen a prey to the fierce wolves.”

* * * * *

Language Lesson.—­Let pupils use other words to express the meaning of what is given below in dark type.

    Again he changed his direction.

    He then dashed off.

    He wheeled sharply to the left.

    Cudjo and I commenced dealing death among them.

    Cudjo finished the business with his spear.

    Harry would have fallen a prey to the fierce wolves.

Tell the story in your own words, using the points in the following

Analysis.—­1.  Frank and Harry go to skate. 2.  The alarm. 3.  The wolves. 4.  The pursuit. 5.  The escape. 6.  Death of the wolves.

* * * * *


craft, ship; a boat of any kind.

mew’ing, crying, like a cat.

a dopt’ed, received as one’s own.

ad mir’er, one who likes another.

voy’age, journey by water.

dain’ty, nice in form or taste.

a loft’, on high; in the air.

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