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“I saw that Harry was foremost, and that the fierce wolves were fast closing upon Frank.  This was strange, for we knew that Frank was by far the better skater.  We all called out to him, uttering loud shouts of encouragement.  Both were bearing themselves manfully, but Frank was most in danger.

“The wolves were upon his heels!  ‘O they will kill him!’ I cried, expecting the next moment to see him thrown down upon the ice.  What was my joy at seeing him suddenly wheel and dart off in a new direction.”

* * * * *

Directions for Reading.—­This lesson should be read with spirit, and in a full, clear tone of voice.

* * * * *

Language Lesson.—­Presence of mind is the power to act quickly when sudden danger threatens.

Upon his heels means very close to.

Dead of winter is the middle of winter, as that is supposed to be the quietest or most lifeless time.

Syllabify, accent, and mark sounds of letters in the following words:  fancy, gallop, prairie, bristling, rifle.

* * * * *


e lud’ed, got away from; avoided.

ex cit’ing, causing deep interest.

marks’man, one who shoots well.

re treat’ing, going away from.

en a’bled, helped; made able.

sim’i lar, like; nearly the same.

pur suit’, following after.

nim’bly, with a quick motion.

com menced’, began.

* * * * *



“The wolves, thus nimbly eluded, now kept on after Harry, who, in turn, became the object of our anxiety.

“In a moment they were close upon him; but he, already warned by his brother, wheeled in a similar manner, while the fierce brutes, swept along by the force of their running, were carried a long distance upon the ice before they could turn themselves.

“Their long, bushy tails, however, soon enabled them to turn about and follow in the new direction, and they galloped after Harry, who was now the nearest to them.

“Frank, in the meantime, had again turned, and came sweeping past behind them, at the same time shouting loudly, as if to tempt them away from their pursuit of Harry.

“They heeded him not, and again he changed his direction, and, as though he was about to skate into their midst, followed the wolves.

“This time he skated up close behind them, just at the moment when Harry had turned again, and thus made his second escape.

“At this moment, we heard Frank calling out to his brother to make for the shore, while, instead of retreating himself, he stopped until Harry had passed, and then dashed off, followed closely by the whole pack.

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