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At such times Indians are dangerous, and Little Chitto was terrified almost out of her senses.  She fled through the storm and the darkness, not caring where she went, but only anxious to get away from the dreadful scene.

Entering, without any intention on her part, the path in the woods, she followed it until she saw in the distance the glimmer of the light in our window, when she hastened to the house and asked for admission.

I need scarcely say it was gladly granted.  My mother removed the damp clothes from the little Sioux girl, and replaced them with some warm, dry ones belonging to me.  At the same time she gave her hot, refreshing tea, and did every thing to make her comfortable.

I removed the little moccasins from the wondering Chitto’s feet, kissed her dark cheeks, and, as I uttered expressions of pity, though in an unknown tongue, I am quite sure that they were understood by Chitto, who looked the gratitude she could not express.

She soon began to show signs of drowsiness and was put to bed with me, falling asleep as soon as her head touched the pillow.

I lay awake a little longer and noticed that the storm had ceased.  The patter of the rain was heard no more upon the roof, and the wind blew just as it sometimes does late in the fall.  At last I sunk into a sound sleep.

* * * * *

Language Lesson.—­Let pupils write a short letter to some friend, taking as a subject, “A Visit from Little Crow,” as given on pages 272 and 273.[16]

Let pupils add y to each of the following words, make such other changes as may be necessary, and then define them.

    earth air fire water sleep

    rain rust fun fur stick

What two words double their final letter before adding y? Fiery, from fire, is irregular in spelling.

[16] This lesson.

* * * * *


de’mons, spirits; evil spirits.

groped, found one’s way by feeling with the hands.

pre’vi ous, going before in time; preceding.

in clined’, leaning towards; disposed.

dis tract’ed, confused by grief.

ex pired’, died.

stat’ue, a figure carved to represent a living being.

stag’gered, walked with trembling steps.

as cer tained’, found out by inquiring.

re tain’, keep possession of.

* * * * *



I awoke in the morning and saw the rays of the sun entering the window.  Recalling the incidents of the previous evening, I turned to speak to my young friend.

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