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intimacy between Charley and my sister.  “What shall I tell him, Walter,” said my sister, “for I must not, dare not act without the counsel of my only brother?” I looked up in my sister’s face with all the affection which welled up from my heart and said, “you love him then, Flora?” “How can I help loving him, who is so gifted, so noble,” was her reply.  “And,” continued she, “on account of his reserved nature, I believe few give him credit for the real goodness of heart he possesses.”  As Flora had said, Charley possessed a kind heart, and was just and honorable in every respect, but I trembled for the woman who placed her happiness in his keeping; and how much more so, when that woman was my beloved and only sister.  “You do not answer me,” said Flora; “mamma would give me no reply till I had consulted you.”  “My dear sister,” said I, “Charley is all that you say, just, honorable and good; but with all this he has qualities which, if not brought under subjection, will sadly mar his own happiness and that of all who love him.  He is exclusive and jealous even of a friend, how will it be with a wife?  Suspicion and jealousy is inherent in his very nature, for did not Doctor Gray tell me years ago that a suspicious, jealous nature was hereditary in the family of Charley’s mother and he therefore begged me not to blame Charley too severely for a fault which he could not help saying ’he feared the cloud which hovered over Charley’s cradle would follow him to his grave.’  I doubt not Charley’s affection for you, Flora; but the very depth of his affection will, I fear, prove a source of unhappiness to you both, for you are aware as well as I that Charley’s affection, like his anger when roused, goes beyond the limits of sober reason.  From your childhood, Flora, you have been petted and indulged, and a life of continual watchfulness and restraint will be something entirely new for you; for I never knew even a friend of Charley’s who could act themselves when he was present, and unless there has been a wonderful change, as his wife, you will be forced to guard your every word and look lest you offend him; you must be pleased only with what pleases him, in short his will must be yours in all things.”  “You are my brother,” said Flora, “and I need not blush to tell you I love Charley Gray better than I once thought it possible for one to love another, and I know from his own lips that he loves me equally in return, and as his wife the confidence between us will be so full and entire, there will be no room left for doubt and suspicion.”  “Well, little sister” said I, “knowing Charley as I do, I could not help uttering those warning words, but I shall not seek to hinder your marriage.  I love and respect Charley more than any other friend I have, but I am very sensible of his faults.  A heavy responsibility will devolve upon you as his wife, but love works wonders, and all may be well; but remember, Flora, you have a most peculiar nature to deal with, but it may be your privilege to exorcise the dark spirit
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