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“Sorry, but I’m afraid you are not cut out for a corporalship,” came from Tom.

“I didn’t say a corporalship, Tom, I said—­”

“Excuse me, I meant a sergeantship.”

“No, I said—­”

“Make it a second lieutenantship, then, Tubby.  Anything to be friends, you know.”

“I said—­”

“Oh, bother, if you want to be a major-general, go ahead.  Nobody will stop you.”

“Hurrah, Major-General Tubbs!” cried Sam.  “That sounds well, doesn’t it, fellows?”

“We’ll have to present him with a tin-plated sword,” came from one of the crowd.

“And a pair of yellow worsted epaulets,” added another.

And then Songbird Powell began to sing softly: 

“Rub a dub, dub! 
Here comes General Tubb! 
 He’ll make you bow to the ground! 
You must stop ev’ry lark,
And toe the chalk mark,
 As soon as he comes around.”

“There you are, Tubby; think of Songbird composing a poem in your honor,” cried Tom.  “You ought to present him with a leather medal.”

“I—­I don’t like such—­er—­such doggerel,” cried William Philander Tubbs angrily.  “I think—­”

“Well, I never!” ejaculated Tom, in pretended astonishment.  “And Songbird worked so hard over it, too!  Thus doth genius receive its reward.  Songbird, if I were you, I’d give up writing poems, and go turn railroad president, track-walker, or something like that.”

“You boys are simply horrid, don’t you know!” cried Tubbs, and, pushing his way through the crowd, he walked to the other end of the boat.

“Being away from school hasn’t done Tubby any good,” was Fred Garrison’s remark.  “He thinks he’s the High Tum-Tum, and no mistake.”

“Don’t fret, he’ll be taken down before the term is over,” came from Larry Colby.

“That’s true,” added another pupil, who had been taken down himself two terms before.  “And when he hits his level he’ll be just as good as any of us.”

The time on the steamer passed quickly enough, and after several stops along the lake, the Golden Star turned in at the Cedarville landing, and all of the Putnam Hall cadets went ashore.



As my old readers know, Cedarville was only a small country village, so the arrival and departure of the steamer was a matter of importance to the inhabitants.

The boys, consequently, found the little dock crowded with sightseers and more than one face looked familiar to them.

“There are the Rover boys,” said one man, quite loudly.  “Everybody knows ’em.”

“We are growing notorious, it would seem,” whispered Dick to Sam.

Back of the dock stood the big carryall attached to Putnam Hall, with the old Hall driver, Peleg Snuggers, on the box.

“Hullo, Peleg, old friend!” shouted Tom, waving his hand at the man.  “How are we to-morrow, as the clown in the circus puts it?”

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