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This and the following are advertisements of Mr. Morley’s books.

A modern humorist with the tang of an Elizabethan


Once upon a time Christopher Morley was coerced, against the objections of a well-nigh blushing modesty, to dictate some notes which we may go so far as to call autobiographical.  In part they were: 

“Born at Haverford, Pa., in 1890; father, professor of mathematics and a poet; mother a musician, poet, and fine cook.  I was handicapped by intellectual society and good nourishment.  I am and always have been too well fed.  Great literature proceeds from an empty stomach.  My proudest achievement is having been asked by a college president to give a course of lectures on Chaucer.

“When I was graduated from Haverford in 1910, a benevolent posse of college presidents in Maryland sent me to New College, Oxford, as a Rhodes scholar.  At Oxford I learned to drink shandygaff.  When I came home from England in 1913 I started to work for Doubleday, Page & Company at Garden City.  I learned to read Conrad, and started my favorite hobby, which is getting letters from William McFee.  By the way, my favorite amusement is hanging around Leary’s second-hand book store in Philadelphia.  My dearest dream is to own some kind of a boat, write one good novel and about thirty plays which would each run a year on Broadway.  I have written book reviews, editorials, dramatic notices, worked as a reporter, a librarian, in a bookstore, and have given lectures.”  Mr. Morley should have added that he is now conductor of “The Bowling Green” on the editorial page of the New York Evening Post.



And merrily embellished by Walter Jack Duncan

Thus Mr. Morley entitles his new volume, in which he has occupied himself with books in particular, but also with divers other ingredients such as city and suburban incidents, women, dogs, children, tadpoles, and so on.

Plum Pudding, $1.75


We have just found an advertisement for “The Haunted Bookshop” which was never released, though it was written before the book was published.  Can you guess the writer of it?  We’re not at liberty to tell, for he would never forgive our mentioning his name.


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