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“Miss Watkins has hit the nail on the head,” said Mitchell, rolling a cigarette.  “She has not only hit the nail on its own head, but she has succeeded in driving its point well into all our heads.  She taught us many things during her short visit.  I, for one, am her debtor forever.  Me for joy, from now on!”

Aunt Mary smiled.  “My heavens!” she murmured; “to think how nice it all come out, and how really put out I was when Jack first began, too.”

Burnett put his hand in his pocket and pulled out some gum.

“Robert!” cried his mother, “you don’t chew gum, do you?”

“Of course he doesn’t,” said his friend quickly; “that’s why he had it in his pocket.”

Aunt Mary looked thoughtfully at him.

“Give me a little,” she said, “maybe it’s suthin’ I’ve been missin’.”

Mrs. Burnett left the next day, and Mitchell went the day after.

The carpenters took down the addition, and the wedding presents were shipped to town.

“She says she’ll be goin’ soon,” said Lucinda to Joshua.

“Then she’ll be goin’ soon,” said Joshua.

“I’m sure I’ll be glad,” said Lucinda; “such hifalutin sky-larkin’!”

Joshua said nothing.  Mr. Stebbins had apprised him of Aunt Mary’s arrangements in his behalf and he felt no inclination to criticize any of her doings and sayings.

Toward the end of the next week this telegram was received.

Dear Aunt Mary:  We’re home and ready when you are.  Telegraph
what train.

J. and J.

The telegram was handed to Aunt Mary at ten in the morning.  Her fingers trembled as she opened it.

“My heavens alive, Lucinda,” she cried, the next minute, “I do believe, if you’ll be quick, that I can make the twelve-twenty!  Run!  Tell Joshua to get my trunk down and harness Billy as quick as he can.  He can telegraph that I’m comin’ after I’m gone.”

Lucinda flew Joshua-wards.

“She wants to make the twelve-twenty train!” she cried.  Joshua looked up.

“Then she’ll make it,” he said.

She made it!

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