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Italian spirit, it were necessary Italy should be reduc’d to the same termes it is now in, and were in more slavery than the Hebrews were; more subject than the Persians, more scatterd than the Athenians; without head, without order, battered, pillaged, rent asunder, overrun, and had undergone all kind of destruction.  And however even in these later dayes, we have had some kind of shew of hope in some one, whereby we might have conjectur’d, that he had been ordained for the deliverance hereof, yet it prov’d afterwards, that in the very height of all his actions he was curb’d by fortune, insomuch that this poore countrey remaining as it were without life, attends still for him that shall heal her wounds, give an end to all those pillagings and sackings of Lombardy, to those robberies and taxations of the Kingdome, and of Tuscany, and heal them of their soars, now this long time gangren’d.  We see how she makes her prayers to God, that he send some one to redeem her from these Barbarous cruelties and insolencies.  We see her also wholly ready and disposed to follow any colours, provided there be any one take them up.  Nor do we see at this present, that she can look for other, than your Illustrious Family, to become Cheiftain of this deliverance, which hath now by its own vertue and Fortune been so much exalted, and favored by God and the Church, whereof it now holds the Principality:  and this shall not be very hard for you to do, if you shall call to mind the former actions, and lives of those that are above named.  And though those men were very rare and admirable, yet were they men, and every one of them began upon less occasion than this; for neither was their enterprize more just than this, nor more easie; nor was God more their friend, than yours.  Here is very great justice:  for that war is just, that is necessary; and those armes are religious, when there is no hope left otherwhere, but in them.  Here is an exceeding good disposition thereto:  nor can there be, where there is a good disposition, a giant difficulty, provided that use be made of those orders, which I propounded for aim and direction to you.  Besides this, here we see extraordinary things without example effected by God; the sea was opened, a cloud guided the way, devotion poured forth the waters, and it rain’d down Manna; all these things have concurred in your greatness, the rest is left for you to do.  God will not do every thing himself, that he may not take from us our free will, and of that glory that belongs to us.  Neither is it a marvel, if any of the aforenamed Italians have not been able to compass that, which we may hope your illustrious family shall:  though in so many revolutions of Italy, and so many feats of war, it may seem that the whole military vertue therein be quite extinguisht; for this arises from that the ancient orders thereof were not good; and there hath since been none that hath known how to invent new ones.  Nothing can so much honor a man rising anew, as new
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