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which I, in the space of many years, and with many sufferances and dangers, have made proof and gaind the knowledge of.  And this work I have not set forth either with elegancy of discourse or stile, nor with any other ornament whereby to captivate the reader, as others use, because I would not have it gain its esteem from elsewhere than from the truth of the matter, and the gravity of the subject.  Nor can this be thought presumption, if a man of humble and low condition venture to dilate and discourse upon the governments of Princes; for even as they that with their pensils designe out countreys, get themselves into the plains below to consider the nature of the mountains, and other high places above; and again to consider the plains below, they get up to the tops of the mountains; in like manner to understand the nature of the people, it is fit to be a Prince; and to know well the dispositions of Princes, sutes best with the understanding of a subject.  Your Magnificence then may be pleased, to receive this small present, with the same mind that I send it; which if you shall throughly peruse and consider, you shall perceive therein that I exceedingly wish, that you may attain to that greatness, which your own fortune, and your excellent endowments promise you:  and if your Magnificence from the very point of your Highness shall sometime cast your eyes upon these inferior places, you shall see how undeservedly I undergoe an extream and continual despight of Fortune.


CHAP. 1.

How many sorts of Principalities there are, and how many wayes they are attained to, 263

CHAP. 2.

Of hereditary Principalities, 264

CHAP. 3.

Of mixt Principalities, 265

CHAP. 4.

Wherefore Darius his Kingdome, taken by Alexander, rebelled not against his successors after Alexanders death, 273

CHAP. 5.

In what manner Cities and Principalities are to be governed, which before they were conquered, lived under their own laws, 276

CHAP. 6.

Of new Principalities that are conquered by ones own armes and valor, 277

CHAP. 7.

Of new Principalities gotten by fortune and other mens forces, 281

CHAP. 8.

Concerning those who by wicked means have attaind to a Principality, 289

CHAP. 9.

Of the Civil Principality, 293

CHAP. 10.

In what manner the forces of all Principalities ought to be measured, 297

CHAP. 11.

Concerning Ecclesiastical Principalities, 299

CHAP. 12.

How many sorts of Military discipline there be; and touching mercenary soldiers, 302

CHAP. 13.

Of Auxiliary Soldiers, mixt and natives, 307

CHAP. 14.

What belongs to the Prince touching military discipline, 310

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