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Edward Streeter
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Aberdeen dialect, 112, 113
Adam’s body, materials of, 21, 22
Alfred, King, 47, 48
Allen, Grant, Anglo-Saxon Britain, 85
Alliterative Poems, ed.  Morris, 80
Altenglische Dichtungen, 52
Ambry, aumbry, 97
Ancren Riwle, 49
Anglian period, 14
Anglo-French words in dialects, 94-96
Anglo-Saxon, 10, 11, 12
Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, 12, 48
  Laud MS., 73
Arain, arles, arris, asew, assith, 97
Assoilyie, astre, aunsel, aunter, aver, averous, 97, 98
Atkinson’s (Cleveland) Glossary, 44
Awfully, 4
Ayenbite of Inwyt, 59, 60
Ayrshire dialect, 113, 114

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