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What an awful state of mind must a man have attained, when he can despise a mother’s counsel!  Her name is identified with every idea that can subdue the sternest mind; that can suggest the most profound respect, the deepest and most heartfelt attachment, the most unlimited obedience.  It brings to the mind the first human being that loved us, the first guardian that protected us, the first friend that cherished us; who watched with anxious care over infant life, whilst yet we were unconscious of our being; whose days and nights were rendered wearisome by her anxious cares for our welfare; whose eager eye followed us through every path we took; who gloried in our honor; who sickened in heart at our shame; who loved and mourned, when others reviled and scorned; and whose affection for us survives the wreck of every other feeling within.  When her voice is raised to inculcate religion, or to reprehend irregularity, it possesses unnumbered claims of attention, respect and obedience.  She fills the place of the eternal God; by her lips that God is speaking; in her counsels He is conveying the most solemn admonitions; and to disregard such counsel, to despise such interference, to sneer at the wisdom that addresses you, or the aged piety that seeks to reform you, is the surest and the shortest path which the devil himself could have opened for your perdition.  I know no grace that can have effect; I know not any authority upon earth to which you will listen, when once you have brought yourself to reject such advice.


The officials and clerks by whom the people’s business in the administration of the government is carried on, constitute the Civil Service.  About five thousand of these officials are appointed by the President alone or with the consent of the Senate; about fifteen to twenty thousand more are appointed under what is known as the “Civil-Service Rules,” and the remainder of our office-holders are appointed by heads of departments.

Competitive examinations for admission to the Civil Service are held at regular intervals by a Board of Examiners in each of the principal cities of the United States.  Men and women receive the same pay for the same work in government service.

The salary of the President of the United States is $75,000 a year.  The Vice-president receives $8,000; Cabinet officers, $8,000; Senators, $5,000 and mileage.  The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court receives $10,500.  Ministers to foreign nations receive from $5,000 to $18,000 annually.  The amount varies with the importance of the post.

The total number of Indians in the United States is about 250,000, Alaska not included.  The most numerous tribes are the Cherokee and Choctaw Indians.  The Apaches are the most savage.  About half of the Indian tribes are now partly civilized and are self-supporting.

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