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country to-day, part II
    LVII.  Pictures from American history
   LVIII.  Thomas A. Edison
     LIX.  Abraham Lincoln
      LX.  Address delivered at the dedication of
           the cemetery at Gettysburg
     LXI.  Wages
    LXII.  Love for the dead
   LXIII.  Economy of time
    LXIV.  George Stephenson, the engineer
     LXV.  George Washington, part II
    LXVI.  Benjamin Franklin
   LXVII.  Nobility rewarded



       I. A city street
      II.  The ship of state
     III.  Be true
      IV.  Bring back my flowers
       V.  “Old Ironsides
      VI.  Treasure trove
     viiThe heritage
    VIII.  The star-spangled Banner
      IX.  The sword of Bunker hill
       X. The hunters
      XI.  My fatherland
     XII.  Woodman, spare that tree
    XIII.  Prayer in battle
     XIV.  The Retort
      XV.  A psalm of life
     XVI.  The old oaken bucket
    XVII.  Oft in the stilly night
   XVIII.  The picket of the Potomac
     XIX.  Columbia, the gem of the ocean; or,
           red, white, and blue
      XX.  Recessional
     XXI.  Human progress
    XXII.  Give me the people


Characteristic of heroism constitution of the united states declaration of Independence freedom of thought useful information wise sayings


Complete answers should be given by the pupils.  The simple words “yes” or “no” do not constitute an answer in these exercises; such expressions give no practice in the use of the language.

The teacher should prepare himself thoroughly for each lesson in order to ask many pointed questions relative to the reading matter.

The entire time spent in reading the lesson and questioning the class should not exceed thirty minutes.  Too much detail will only confuse and fatigue the pupils.  Five or six words that present any difficulty either in spelling or pronunciation may be selected from the reading lesson for dictation.  Such words should not be given singly, but rather in short sentences.

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