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       I. Flag day
      II.  Breathe pure air
     III.  Coffee
      IV.  Our national flag
       V. Press on
      VI.  Resignation
     viiStatue of liberty in new York Harbor
    VIII.  Independence
      IX.  Newfoundland
       X. The use of trifles
      XI.  Rosa bonheur
     XII.  Alexander and the robber
    XIII.  The American Indian
     XIV.  The first Steamboat
      XV.  Knowledge and education
     XVI.  Tact and talent
    XVII.  George Washington, part I
   XVIII.  Behavior
     XIX.  Essence of the constitution of the united states
      XX.  The art of observation
     XXI.  Letters
    XXII.  Reaping and mowing machines
   XXIII.  Ali Baba
    XXIV.  Birds
     XXV.  Sleep
    XXVI.  Curious birdsnests
   XXVII.  Business qualifications
  XXVIII.  Abbreviations of names of states
    XXIX.  The sun
     XXX.  Ivory
    XXXI.  Flowers
   XXXII.  The mosquito
  XXXIII.  Self-reliance
   XXXIV.  Franklin’s toast
    XXXV.  Humanity rewarded
   XXXVI.  Work proclaims A Workman
  XXXVII.  Republics
 XXXVIII.  False notions of liberty
   XXXIX.  The voice
      XL.  The intrepid youth
     XLI.  Autumn
    XLII.  Words and their meaning
   XLIII.  How to Select A boy
    XLIV.  Salt
     XLV.  Studies
    XLVI.  Rules of behavior
   XLVII.  Using the eyes
  XLVIII.  The affection and reverence due A mother
    XLIX.  Wheat
       L. Countenance and character
      LI.  The value of time
     LII.  The study of civics
    LIII.  The sea and its uses
     LIV.  Wonderland
      LV.  Our country to-day, part I
     LVI.  Our

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