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the most part the twenty-five years have been to me a great happiness.  With all good people here present the wonder is, although they may not express it, ’What will be the effect upon the pastor of this church; of all this scene?’ Only one effect, I assure you, and that an inspiration for better work for God and humanity.  And the question is already absorbing my entire nature, ’What can I do to repay Brooklyn for this great uprising?’ Here is my hand and heart for a campaign of harder work for God and righteousness than I have ever yet accomplished.  I have been told that sometimes in the Alps there are great avalanches called down by a shepherd’s voice.  The pure white snows pile up higher and higher like a great white throne, mountains of snow on mountains of snow, and all this is so delicately and evenly poised that the touch of a hand or the vibration of air caused by the human voice will send down the avalanche into the valleys with all-compassing and overwhelming power.  Well, to-night I think that the heavens above us are full of pure white blessings, mountains of mercy on mountains of mercy, and it will not take much to bring down the avalanche of benediction, and so I put up my right hand to reach it and lift my voice, to start it.  And now let the avalanche of blessing come upon your bodies, your minds, your souls, your homes, your churches, and your city.  Blessed be the Lord God of Israel from everlasting to everlasting, and let the whole earth be filled with His glory!  Amen and Amen!”

On the next day, May 11, the reception was continued.  Among the speakers was the Hon. William M. Evarts, ex-Secretary of State, who, though advanced in years, honoured us with his presence and an address.  Senator Walsh, of Georgia, spoke for the South; ex-Congressman Joseph C. Hendrix of Brooklyn, Rev. Charles L. Thompson, Murat Halstead, Rev. Dr. I.J.  Lansing, General Tracey, were among the other speakers of the evening.

From St. Petersburg came a cable, signed by Count Bobrinsky, saying:—­“Heartfelt congratulations from remembering friends.”

Messages from Senator John Sherman, from Governor McKinley (before he became President), from Mr. Gladstone, from Rev. Joseph Parker, and among others from London, the following cable, which I shall always prize among the greatest testimonials of the broad Gospel purpose in England—­

    “Cordial congratulations; grateful acknowledgment of splendid
    services in ministry during last twenty-five years.  Warm wishes for
    future prosperity.

    archdeacon of London,
    Canon Wilberforce
    Thomas Davidson
    Professor Simpson
    John Lobb
    Bishop of London.”

Appreciation, good cheer, encouragement swept around and about me, as I was to start on what Dr. Gregg described as “A walk among the people of my congregation” around the world.

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