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An empty cockleshell weighing two hundred fifty-eight pound. 
King William’s Island. 
A description of it. 
Plying on the coast of New Guinea. 
Fault of the charts. 
Providence Island. 
They cross the Line. 
A snake pursued by fish. 
Squally Island. 
The main of New Guinea.


The mainland of New Guinea. 
Its inhabitants. 
Slingers Bay. 
Small islands. 
Gerrit Dennis Isle described. 
Its inhabitants. 
Their proas. 
Anthony Cave’s Island. 
Its inhabitants. 
Trees full of worms found in the sea. 
St. John’s Island. 
The mainland of New Guinea. 
Its inhabitants. 
The coast described. 
Cape and Bay St. George. 
Cape Orford. 
Another bay. 
The inhabitants there. 
A large account of the author’s attempts to trade with them. 
He names the place Port Montague. 
The country thereabouts described, and its produce. 
A burning island described. 
A new passage found. 
New Britain. 
Sir George Rook’s Island. 
Long Island and Crown Island, discovered and described. 
Sir R. Rich’s Island. 
A burning island. 
A strange spout. 
A conjecture concerning a new passage southward. 
King William’s Island. 
Strange whirlpools. 
Distance between Cape Mabo and Cape St. George computed.


The Author’s return from the coast of New Guinea. 
A deep channel. 
Strange tides. 
The island Ceram described. 
Strange fowls. 
The islands Bonao, Bouro, Misacombi, Pentare, Laubana, and Potoro. 
The passage between Pentare and Laubana. 
The island Timor. 
Babao Bay. 
The island Roti. 
More islands than are commonly laid down in the charts. 
Great currents. 
Coast of New Holland. 
The Trial Rocks. 
The coast of Java. 
Princes Isle. 
Straits of Sunda. 
Thwart-the-way Island. 
Indian proas, and their traffic. 
Passage through the Strait. 
Arrival at Batavia.


The Author continues in Batavia Road to refit, to get provisions. 
English ships then in the road. 
Departure from Batavia. 
Touch at the Cape of Good Hope. 
And at St. Helena. 
Arrival at the island of Ascension. 
A leak sprung. 
Which being impossible to be stopped, the ship is lost, but the men saved. 
They find water upon the island. 
And are brought back to England.


Map.  A view of the course of Captain William DAMPIER’S voyage from Timor
round new Britain etc.

Table 5.  Timor.

Table 6.  Timor.

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