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Plants found in BrazilTable 1 plants.

Plants found in new HollandTable 2 plants.

Plants found in new HollandTable 3 plants.

Plants found in new Holland and TimorTable 4 plants.

Plants found in the sea near new guineaTable 5 plants.

Fish of new HollandPlate 3 fishes
Figure 4:  A fish called by the seamen the old wife
Figure 5:  A fish of the tunny kind taken on the coast of new Holland.

DolphinsPlate 2 fishes
Figure 2:  The dolphin of the ancients taken near the line, called by our
seamen A porpoise
Figure 7:  A dolphin as it is usually called by our seamen taken in the
open sea.



To the Right Honourable Thomas, Earl of Pembroke,

Lord President of Her Majesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council.

My Lord,

The honour I had of being employed in the service of his late Majesty of illustrious memory, at the time when Your Lordship presided at the Admiralty, gives me the boldness to ask your protection of the following papers.  They consist of some remarks made upon very distant climates, which I should have the vanity to think altogether new, could I persuade myself they had escaped Your Lordship’s knowledge.  However I have been so cautious of publishing any thing in my whole book that is generally known that I have denied myself the pleasure of paying the due honours to Your Lordship’s name in the Dedication.  I am ashamed, My Lord, to offer you so imperfect a present, having not time to set down all the memoirs of my last voyage:  but, as the particular service I have now undertaken hinders me from finishing this volume, so I hope it will give me an opportunity of paying my respects to Your Lordship in a new one.

The world is apt to judge of everything by the success; and whoever has ill fortune will hardly be allowed a good name.  This, My Lord, was my unhappiness in my late expedition in the Roebuck, which foundered through perfect age near the island of Ascension.  I suffered extremely in my reputation by that misfortune; though I comfort myself with the thoughts that my enemies could not charge any neglect upon me.  And since I have the honour to be acquitted by Your Lordship’s judgment I should be very humble not to value myself upon so complete a vindication.  This and a world of other favours which I have been so happy as to receive from Your Lordship’s goodness, do engage me to be with an everlasting respect,

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