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The Author’s stay and business at Bahia:  of the winds, and seasons of the year there. 
His departure for New Holland. 
Cape Salvador. 
The winds on the Brazilian coast; and Abrolho Shoal; fish and birds:  the shearwater bird, and cooking of sharks. 
Excessive number of birds about a dead whale; of the pintado bird, and the petrel, etc
Of a bird that shows the Cape of Good Hope to be near:  of the sea-reckonings, and variations:  and a table of all the variations observed in this voyage. 
Occurrences near the Cape; and the Author’s passing by it. 
Of the westerly winds beyond it:  a storm, and its presages. 
The Author’s course to New Holland; and signs of approaching it. 
Another Abrolho Shoal and storm, and the Author’s arrival on part of New
That part described, and Shark’s Bay, where he first anchors. 
Of the land there, vegetables, birds, etc
A particular sort of iguana:  fish, and beautiful shells; turtle, large shark, and water-serpents. 
The Author’s removing to another part of New Holland:  dolphins, whales, and more sea-serpents:  and of a passage or strait suspected here:  of the vegetables, birds, and fish. 
He anchors on a third part of New Holland, and digs wells, but brackish. 
Of the inhabitants there, and great tides, the vegetables and animals, etc.


MapCaptain DAMPIER’S new voyage to new Holland etcIn 1699 etc.

Table 1.  Canary islands.

Table 2.  Cape Verde islands.

Table 3.  Brazil.

Birds of the voyage
Figure 1:  The pintado bird
Figure 2:  This very much resembles the GUARAUNA, described and figured by

Table 4.  New Holland.

Birds of new Holland
Figure 3:  The head and greatest part of the neck of this bird is red and
therein differs from the AVOFETTA of Italy
Figure 4:  The bill and legs of this bird are of A bright red.
Figure 5:  A noddy of new Holland
Figure 6:  A common noddy.

Fish of new Holland
Figure 1:  The monkfish
Figure 3:  A fish taken on the coast of new Holland
Figure 6:  A remora taken sticking to sharks backs
Figure 8:  A cuttle taken near new Holland
Figure 9:  A flying-fish taken in the open sea.

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