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The Author’s departure from the Downs. 
A caution to those who sail in the Channel. 
His arrival at the Canary Islands. 
Santa Cruz in Tenerife; the road and town, and Spanish wreck. 
Laguna Town lake and country; and Oratavia town and road. 
Of the wines and other commodities of Tenerife, etc. and the governors at
 Laguna and Santa Cruz. 
Of the winds in these seas. 
The Author’s arrival at Mayo. 
Of the Cape Verde Islands; its salt pond compared with that of Salt
Tortuga; its trade for salt, and frape-boats. 
Its vegetables, silk-cotton, etc
Its soil, and towns; its guinea-hens and other fowls, beasts, and fish. 
Of the sea turtles, etc. laying in the wet season. 
Of the natives, their trade and livelihood. 
The Author’s arrival at St. Jago; Praya and St. Jago Town. 
Of the inhabitants and their commodities. 
Of the custard-apple, St. Jago Road. 


The Author’s deliberation on the sequel of his voyage, and departure from
 St. Jago. 
His course, and the winds, etc. in crossing the Line. 
He stands away for the Bay of All-Saints in Brazil; and why. 
His arrival on that coast and in the bay. 
Of the several forts, the road, situation, town, and buildings of Bahia. 
Of its Governor, ships and merchants; and commodities to and from Europe. 
Claying of sugar. 
The season for the European ships, and coir cables:  of their Guinea trade and of the coasting trade, and whale killing. 
Of the inhabitants of Bahia; their carrying in hammocks:  their artificers, crane for goods, and negro slaves. 
Of the country about Bahia, its soil and product. 
Its timber-trees; the sapiera, vermiatico, commesserie, guitteba, serrie, and mangroves. 
The bastard-coco, its nuts and cables; and the silk-cotton-trees. 
The Brazilian fruits, oranges, etc
Of the soursops, cashews and jennipahs. 
Of their peculiar fruits, arisahs, mericasahs, petangos, petumbos, mungaroos, muckishaws, ingwas, otees, and musteran-de-ovas. 
Of the palmberries, physick-nuts, mendibees, etc. and their roots and herbs, etc
Of their wildfowl, macaws, parrots, etc
The yemma, carrion-crow and chattering-crow, bill-bird, curreso, turtledove and wild pigeons; the jenetee, clocking-hen, crab-catcher, galden, and black heron:  the ducks, widgeon and teal; and ostriches to the southward, and of the dunghill-fowls. 
Of their cattle, horses, etc
Leopards and tigers. 
Of their serpents; the rattlesnake, small green snake. 
Amphisbaena, small black and small grey snake; the great land-, and the great watersnake; and of the water-dog. 
Of their sea-fish and turtle; and of St. Paul’s Town.


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