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When Mike Flaherty abandoned South Boston for Lynn and hired a cottage with a bit of a back yard the first thing he did was to hurry back to the Hub of the Universe and purchase a monkey.  “Divil a wurrd” of his scheme would he disclose to his old cronies in Boston.  But afterward he let out: 

“’Twas like this:  I chained the monk to a shtick in me yard, and the coal thrains do be passin’ all day foreninst, and on iv’ry cairr do be a brakeman.  In one waik, begorra, I had two tons of coal in me cellar, and the monk never wanst hit.”


In a camp “Over There” the Turkish prisoners are allowed some freedom and among other things our American boys introduced them to the game of baseball.  The Turks did remarkably well at it.  One of them stepped up to the bat one day, and taking it firmly in his hand turned to the east and salaaming said in a reverent voice “Allah, assist thy servant.”  He then made a three bagger.

The next player to the bat was an American boy who was not going to let that Turk beat him.  He also stepped up to the bat, clasped it firmly in his hand, salaaming to the east said, “You know me, Al,’ keeping up with the Turk.”


Accounting for It               23
Accuracy                       101
Acrobat in the Squad, An       243
Advice to Mabel                141
Alas!  Too Late!                 35
Allegro                        119
All or Nothing                 159
Always Get the Facts             4
Always Safety First            216
Anglomaniac, An                 93
And He Succeeded               173
Another Engagement             100
Anticipating the Pleasure      184
Appraised                       71
Appreciation                   119
Apprehending the Kaiser        168
Archie’s Neck                  109
Arrival of Wilhelm, The         31
Automatic “Efficiency”         149
Bait                           251
Balls                           89
Bargain-counter Golf           116
Baseball “Over There”          251
Bay State Solomon, A            83
Beginning Early                222
Benefactor of Mankind, A       228
Best of Reasons                235
Better Way, The                147
Beyond Him                     200
Beyond the Sense of Humor      224
Big Chances Both Ways          206
Biting Reproof                 249
Blissful Ignorance             137
Boiled                         144
Bootblack’s Generosity, The    162
Business Is Business      161, 212
Caesar Visits Cicero             30
Camouflage                     191
Can This Be True?                4
Cash!                           50
Cautious Mourner                98
Change for the Better          206
Charity                        140
Clincher, A                     26
Coaxer, A                      149
Comparison                      58
Compliments of the Day          46

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