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Charles Edwin Bennett
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    Chapter I.—­Declension.

          A. Nouns.  Sec. 10

  Gender of Nouns Sec. 13
  Number Sec. 16
  Cases Sec. 17
  The Five Declensions Sec. 18
  First Declension Sec. 20
  Second Declension Sec. 23
  Third Declension Sec. 28
  Fourth Declension Sec. 48
  Fifth Declension Sec. 51
  Defective Nouns Sec. 54

          B. Adjectives.  Sec. 62

  Adjectives of the First and Second Declensions Sec. 63
  Adjectives of the Third Declension Sec. 67
  Comparison of Adjectives Sec. 71
  Formation and Comparison of Adverbs Sec. 76
  Numerals Sec. 78

          C. Pronouns.  Sec. 82

  Personal Pronouns Sec. 84
  Reflexive Pronouns Sec. 85
  Possessive Pronouns Sec. 86
  Demonstrative Pronouns Sec. 87
  The Intensive Pronoun Sec. 88
  The Relative Pronoun Sec. 89
  Interrogative Pronouns Sec. 90
  Indefinite Pronouns Sec. 91
  Pronominal Adjectives Sec. 92

    Chapter ii.—­Conjugation.  Sec. 93

  Verb Stems Sec. 97
  The Four Conjugations Sec. 98
  Conjugation of Sum Sec. 100
  First Conjugation Sec. 101
  Second Conjugation Sec. 103
  Third Conjugation Sec. 105
  Fourth Conjugation Sec. 107
  Verbs in _-io_ of the Third Conjugation Sec. 109
  Deponent Verbs Sec. 112
  Semi-Deponents Sec. 114
  Periphrastic Conjugation Sec. 115
  Peculiarities of Conjugation Sec. 116
  Formation of the Verb Stems Sec. 117
  List of the Most Important Verbs with Principal Parts Sec. 120
  Irregular Verbs Sec. 124
  Defective Verbs Sec. 133
  Impersonal Verbs Sec. 138


Particles.  Sec. 139

  Adverbs Sec. 140
  Prepositions Sec. 141
  Interjections Sec. 145


Word formation.

  I. Derivatives.  Sec. 146

  Nouns Sec. 147
  Adjectives Sec. 150
  Verbs Sec. 155
  Adverbs Sec. 157

  II.  Compounds.  Sec. 158

  Examples of Compounds Sec. 159



    Chapter I.—­Sentences.

  Classification of Sentences Sec. 161
  Form of Interrogative Sentences Sec. 162
  Subject and Predicate Sec. 163
  Simple and Compound Sentences Sec. 164

    CHAPTER II.—­Syntax of Nouns.

  Subject Sec. 166
  Predicate Nouns Sec. 167
  Appositives Sec. 169
  The Nominative Sec. 170
  The Accusative Sec. 172
  The Dative Sec. 186
  The Genitive Sec. 194
  The Ablative Sec. 213
  The Locative Sec. 232

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