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Three little men went ajogging along—­
 Along in the sunshiny weather. 
And they laughed and they sang an occasional song
 Which they all of them caroled together. 
And the great white clouds floated over the sky
And the day it was warm and the sun it was high.

As three jolly tailor men all were they
 As you’d find in a dozen of years. 
One carried the yardstick another the goose
 And the bravest of all bore the shears
So they merrily trudged until after awhile
The came where three milk-maids sat all on a stile.

The grass it was green and the flowers were gay,
 And it was the pleasantest weather. 
And the milkmaids were pretty as blossoms in May
 As they sat on the stile all together. 
Then they stopped on the high-way those three gallant men
For they never had seen as fair lasses as then.

Then up spake the first of the tailor men three
 And the one with the goodliest parts. 
“We are all of us good men gallant and free
 And have never yet plighted our hearts. 
So prithee fair maids will you marry us all
For our hearts they be great as our bodies be small.”

Then up spake the first of the three pretty dears
 “Pray tell what your fortunes may be sir.” 
“Oh three loving hearts and a yard goose and shears.” 
 “Then you’ve not enough fortune for me sir. 
So get you along while your boots are still green
For richer young men we shall marry I ween.”

Three little tailor men jogging along—­
 Along in the sunshiny weather. 
No longer they laugh with a jest and a song
 But they walk very sadly together. 
For when maidens are proud like the milkmaidens cold,
The lads they grow sad like the tailors so bold.

Howard Pyle

[Illustration:  FANCY AND FACT.  This is an illustrated poem with the shepherd and shepherdess sitting in the grass above the poem, and the two of them sick with their heads wrapped on either side of the poem.]


O! a shepherd and a shepherdess,
  They dwelt in Arcadee,
And they were dressed in Watteau dress,
  Most charming for to see.

They sat upon the dewy grass,
  With buds and blossoms set. 
And the shepherd played unto the lass,
  Upon a flageolet.

It seemed to me as though it was
  A very pleasant thing;
Particularly so because
  The time of year was Spring.

But, O! the ground was damp, and so,
  At least, I have been told,
The shepherd caught the lumbago,
  The shepherdess, a cold.

My darling Child! the fact is
  That the Poets often sing
Of those joys which in the practice
  Are another sort of thing.

H. P.

[Illustration:  YE TWO WISHES.  This is a full page illustrated poem with the angel and faggot-maker sitting together, the faggot-maker going into the bottle, and the faggot-maker coming out again.]

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