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Ye Song Of Ye Rajah And Ye Fly Facing P. 64

Pride In Distress " 65

Hans Hecklemann Ploughs For Gold Page 65

Profession And Practice Facing P. 68

A Tale Of A Tub " 69

Farmer Georgie Griggs Page 70

Dame Mally Griggs " 72

Farmer Griggs And The Boggart " 73

Ye Story Of A Blue China Plate Facing P. 76

Moral Blindness " 77

The Departure Page 77

Farmer Griggs And The Wise Man " 78

Overconfidence Facing P. 80

The Force Of Need " 81

The Boggart Rejoices Page 81

Ye King " 84

Prince John " 84

The Prince Aids The Old Woman " 86

The Great Ugly Troll Finds The Prince By The Fire " 88

The Goose-herd And Her Daughter Meet The Princess " 90
    At The Roadside

The Prince Looks Through The Magic Key Page 91

The Old King Rejoices At His New Daughter-in-law " 94

A Disappointment Facing P. 96

Ye Sad Story Concerning One Innocent Little " 97
    Lamb And Four Wicked Wolves

The Little Man Asks For His Cap Page 98

Christine And The Apple " 100

Christine’s Mother And Sisters Wish For The Apple " 101

The King Reaches For The Apple " 101

The King Talks With The Wise Man " 105

The King’s Steward And Christine " 106

Christine Gives The Apple To The King " 107




Once upon a time there was a lad named Jacob Boehm, who was a practical huntsman.

One day Jacob said to his mother, “Mother, I would like to marry
Gretchen—­the nice, pretty little daughter of the Herr Mayor.”

Jacob’s mother thought that he was crazy.  “Marry the daughter of the
Herr Mayor, indeed!  You want to marry the daughter of the Herr Mayor? 
Listen; many a man wants and wants, and nothing comes of it!”

That was what Jacob Boehm’s mother said to him.

But Jacob was deaf in that ear; nothing would do but his mother must go to the Herr Mayor, and ask for leave for him to marry Gretchen.  And Jacob begged and begged so prettily that at last his mother promised to go and do as he wished.  So off she went, though doubt was heavy in her shoes, for she did not know how the Herr Mayor would take it.

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