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field  niece  priest  piece   shield
grief  yield  siege   thief   relief
brief  chief  fiend   shriek  believe

In the following list of words o has a sound midway between its sound in for and in fox.

cost moss song broth frost soft toss long cloth strong lost loss tong froth loft

In the following list of words a has the sound of short o.

was wand swap what swamp wad wash swan want wander wan wasp swab watch washer

Two vowels together are often sounded separately.

fuel poem giant quiet duel poet idea gruel truant suet diet real trial pliant dial

Tion and sion are pronounced shun.

nation mention vision tension session ration pension notion mission station option fraction motion passion action


fuel    snail   cede    defy    bare
field   stare   skirt   thief   gruel
trial   mete    roost   away    ledge
mere    deny    grace   quiet   fence
paint   quail   dried   share   snore
whist   niece   spare   judge   braid
yeast   poem    value   growl   crawl
scowl   goose   giant   Maud    argue
groan   moist   yawn    swore   drawl
mirth   coach   raisin  squirt  oyster
annoy   boiler  strain  choice  swoon
broom   gaudy   priest  gleans  squaw
sneeze  whisk   quake   rescue  truant
poison  prince  renew   crouch  sprout
dredge  crease  flower  motion  greedy
chance  charm   bridge  mound   believe
supply  nation  notion  squeak  shower
lawyer  plunge  square  employ  comply
quench  awning  stream  mildew  sheaves

The following list contains words with the most common suffixes.

jacket    market    velvet    trumpet
locket    basket    ticket    thicket
secret    blanket   bracket   bucket
goblet    musket    rocket    gimlet
closet    carpet    racket    hornet
mantle    camel     model     parcel
ravel     panel     saddle    travel
slumber   chapel    canter    pickle
lumber    cinder    printer   master
whisper   helper    sister    corner
barber    under     lobster   farmer
scamper   winter    number    tumbler
blunder   jester    pitcher   milker
farther   monster   marble    cycle
uncle     thimble   jumble    grumble
stumble   tingle    tickle    speckle
candle    nimble    tumble    ankle
twinkle   single    dangle    dimple
cackle    buckle    magic     picnic
handle    bundle    frolic    mimic
simple    wrinkle   merit     arctic
solid     limit     habit     infant
stupid    visit     spirit    distant
rapid     profit    pulpit    merchant
timid     ashes     classes   servant
kisses    dishes    dresses   brushes
losses    stitches  bunches   wishes
glasses   matches   lunches   pinches
fishes    branches  churches  goblin
sweeten   cabin     driven    robin
quicken   satin     harden    pumpkin
seven     napkin    beacon    shorten

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