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In the words of this table au and aw take the sound of a in all.

jaw    claw    haul    Paul    flaw
faun   yawn    bawl    thaw    slaw
fault  hawk    daub    Maud    fraud
fawn   gauze   vault   brawl   cause
dawn   drawl   pawn    lawful  crawl
awful  pauper  straw   brawn   drawn
pause  awning  lawyer  spawn   caucus

In the words of this table ou and ow are pronounced alike.

gout    rout   scow    pout    scour
town    trout  scout   down    shout
prow    cloud  snout   tower   proud
flour   south  scowl   pouch   mount
stout   spout  aloud   power   bound
count   about  crowd   pound   crouch
towel   couch  sound   blouse  devout
found   growl  frown   grouse  wound
clown   vowel  drown   sprout  shroud
flower  round  shower  mound   ground

In the following list of words oo is pronounced like u in rude.

boot cool tool pool roof poor root toot loop loon soon food hoot boor rood noon coop hoop hoof coon loom loose moor boon sloop proof stoop troop stool spool boost noose sooth room boom croon moon mood roost shoot broom doom goose scoop tooth bloom brood gloom groom swoop swoon spoon moose choose groove

Review the sound of qu.

quilt quid quill equip quit quell quite quiz quire quail queer quote quest quick squire squirt queen quince quake squint squaw quack squirm square quaint squeak squeal quench squeeze squirrel


sly      card      loft      due     ear
stir     why       cliff     tied    cue
jaw      turn      curl      hilt    coil
boil     tube      cloy      clay    nail
lute     mail      rose      spar    crag
slay     Paul      flaw      hoof    haul
firm     quill     gore      pray    sank
boot     wore      stew      herd    heap
stun     stem      fried     twin    tried
scow     bless     smile     mew     term
trout    mere      glean     froze   glide
store    slave     sheaf     team    more
quite    noise     mode      daub    boom
shore    stoop     mend      score   gauze
sheet    much      chain     stone   grime
grunt    hawk      moon      pawn    shark
pump     peach     quick     block   quack
snake    sound     pouch     queen   march
smash    cramp     stump     smoke   switch
sky      glare     rely      room    tress
skill    doily     gruff     plied   royal
gayly    tooth     sloop     scrap   scare
snare    ensue     coast     spurt   pried
croak    perch     strife    twain   strait
growl    flower    noose     stripe  gauze
awful    power     parch     annoy   smart
strive   moose     stride    choice  blame
churn    loaves    afraid    starch  throat
sinew    beaver    rescue    coarse  oyster
praise   poison    teapot    lawful  sprain
struck   breezy    hoarse    anoint  squeal

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