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“Do you dare fight with me?  I will kill you, and will give your flesh to the birds and the beasts.”

David looked at him without fear and said, “You come against me with a sword and with a spear and with a shield, but I come to you in the name of the Lord.  This day will he give you into my hand.  I will kill you and take your head from you, and I will give the bodies of the Philistines to the birds and the beasts.”

When they came near to each other, David fitted one of the five stones to his sling.

He whirled the sling swiftly about his head.  The stone flew straight to its mark.  It struck the Philistine full in the forehead.  The huge giant took one step and, with a groan, fell to the earth.

Then David, standing upon the giant, took his sword and cut off the head of his enemy.

When the Philistines saw that their giant was dead, they were filled with fear.

They left their camp and tried to run away, but the army of Israel followed them and won a great victory.

For this brave deed David was made a captain and was held in honor by the king.

Adapted from the Bible


The following tables are planned to supplement those already developed in the “Beacon Primer” and in the “Beacon First Reader.”

The earlier tables are introduced in order that the teacher may have them for rapid review work with her slower pupils, and also for those pupils entering the class without any previous phonetic training.

The strictly new matter, which includes the last ten pages, should receive special emphasis and care in its development and drill.

REVIEW OF THE VOWELS a, e, i, o, and u

fix   jut  fob   jig  lag
rid   tug  kin   van  yet
fog   cab  bog   pod  vex
wed   box  mix   wax  cud

Yes Jug Kid Sit Six
Pug Jim Yell Red Fox
Keg Dug Win Ned Will
Puff Hug Bess Rub Vim

In the following words a blend of two consonants follows the vowel.

felt tilt elm elk self kilt sick rich loft link silk lank test gilt dish lock limp tuft hilt nick gust bulk pelt lint dust land gush wilt belt sack pick hack lent sent mist sink bunt lash lend rush sash hush rust luck such king dusk ring fond hulk dent sunk lack kick sank desk bank hint welt wing back wink sulk bent went lamp must rock pack hand wind lump wick duck bunk punt mock husk band much bump mush bend jump mend hump pump bond musk damp

In the following words a blend of two consonants precedes the vowel. 
The vowel must be sounded with the preceding consonants.

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