Topsy-Turvy Land eBook

Samuel Marinus Zwemer
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I. Why is Arabia topsy-turvy land?              15
II.  A lesson in geography                        21
III.  The square-house with the black overcoat     27
IV.  SABBACH-Kum BIL KHEIR!                       31
V. At the corner grocery                        37
VI.  Blind Fatimah                                43
VII.  Dates and sugar-cane                         47
VIII.  The shepherd of the sewing-machine           54
IX.  The children of the desert                   58
X. Noorah’s prayer                              64
XI.  Pictures with words only                     69
XII.  The queer pennies of Oman and Hassa          73
XIII.  Arab babies and their mothers                79
XIV.  Boat-builders and carpenters                 85
XV.  Arabic proverbs and Arabic humour            92
XVI.  Gold, frankincense and myrrh                 97
XVII.  Slaves and slave traders                    101
XVIII.  About some little missionaries              108
XIX.  Turning the world upside down               113
XX.  Turning the world downside up               118



Arab boys Facing Title.
Modes of travel 16
European visitors on donkeys 18
map of Arabia 23
ready for A camel ride 24
the square house with the black overcoat 29
Arab grocer 38
Arab boy in A crockery shop 41
how A Moslem boy prays 45
women selling sugar-cane 48
dates growing on A date palm 50
fire wood market, Busrah 52
Arab riders with lances 60
pearl merchants 62
Arabian water-bottle 63
  [From the Sunday School Times, by permission.]
Designs made out of Arabic writing 70
Arabic letter from A poor cripple 72
Oman coin 73
Hassa coins 76
date-stick cradle 80

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