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  Japanning or enamelling metals. 20-28

    Enamelling Bedstead Frames and similar large pieces 24

    Japanning Tin, such as Tea-trays and similar goods 25

    Enamelling Old Work 27


  The enamelling and japanning stove—­pigments suitable for
  japanning with natural lacquer—­modern methods of japanning
  with natural Japanese lacquer. 29-48

    Appliances and Apparatus used in Japanning and Enamelling 29

    Modern Japanning and Enamelling Stoves 34

      Stoves heated by direct fire 34

      Stoves heated by hot-water pipes 36

    Pigments suitable for Japanning with Natural Lacquer 45

      White Pigments 45

      Red Pigments 46

      Blue Pigment 46

      Yellow Pigments 46

      Green Pigment 46

      Black Pigment 46

    Methods of Application 46

    Modern Methods of Japanning and Enamelling with
      Natural Japanese Lacquer 47

  Section V.

  Colours for polished brass.—­Miscellaneous. 49-57

    Painting on Zinc or on Galvanized Iron 49

    Bronzing Compositions 49

    Golden Varnish for Metal 51

    Carriage Varnish 51

    Metal Polishes 51

    Black Paints 52

    Black Stain for Iron 53

    Varnishes for Ironwork 55

  Section VI.

  Processes for tin-plating. 58-60

    Amalgam Process 59

    Immersion Process 59

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