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The eldest was called Enos, first-born of Cain; he 1055 began at once to build a city, with his kinsfolk:  that was the first beneath the clouds of all the fortifications which heroes and swordsmen have caused to be built. 1060 Therein his offspring first arose, born of his wife in the citadel:  the eldest son of Enos was called Jared.  Thence arose the tribe of Cain, which increased the numbers 1065 of its race.  Next to Jared, Malalehel was the keeper of the heritage after his father, until he passed away.  Afterwards Mathusal shared the royal treasures with his kinsfolk, with his brothers, scion after scion, until 1070 wise through length of days he had to consummate his departure from the world and forsake life.  After his father’s day, Lamech received the household goods and domestic wealth:  two wives, Ada and 1075 Sella, women of the country, bore offspring to him:  of these one was Jabal by name, son of Lamech, who through skilful cunning first of dwellers here below awoke by his hands the song of the harp, that melo- 1080 dious sound.


Likewise, at this same time, there was in this family a man called Tubal Cain, a son of Lamech, who through the abundance of his skill was a master-smith, and first 1085 among men through the craft of his mind he was the inventor of agricultural implements upon earth:  since then the sons of men dwelling in cities have known far and wide how to use brass and iron.

Once on a time Lamech himself made in words a wicked 1090 confession to his two wives, his dear bed-fellows, Ada and Sella: 

“In murder I have slain a certain one among my near relations; I stained my hands with the gory death of 1095 Cain, destroyed with my hands the father of Enos, the slayer of Abel, and poured on the ground the life-blood of a man.  Well knew I that for this shall come at last the sevenfold vengeance of the King of Truth, great 1100 according to the crime:  my fall and destruction shall be more sternly meted out, with grim horror, when I depart!”—­

Now, there came to Adam in Abel’s place another 1105 heir born in legal wedlock, an upright son, whose name was Seth:  he was happy and contributed greatly to the comfort of his parents, Adam and Eve, his father and mother, and took Abel’s place in worldly affairs. 1110

Then the first of men spoke these words: 

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