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Time now went forth over the frame-work of the 135 world:  after this shining splendor, the Lord our Creator fashioned the first evening, but on its track rushed a thronging welter of darkness which the Lord himself called by the name of “Night.”  Our Saviour sundered 140 these two:  ever since then they have ceaselessly wrought and fulfilled the will of the Lord over the earth.  Then the second day advanced, light after darkness; and the Ruler of Life straightway commanded a glad 145 sky-substance to appear in the midst of the flood:  our Master parted the waves and wrought there the found-ations of the firmament:  this the Mighty One, omnipotent King, reared aloft from the earth through his own word. 150 The flood was divided under the high heavens by holy power, the waters from the waters, and still they remain so under the firmament which roofs all nations.

Then swiftly came advancing over the world the third 155 great morn.  Nor were the spreading lands and ways yet deemed needful by our Lord, but the earth stood girt fast by water.  Through his word, the Ruler of the angels bade the waters be gathered together, which now hold their course beneath the skies in an appointed 160 place.  Then speedily the broad ocean stood all together under heaven, as the Holy One commanded, for the flood was sundered from the dry land.  Thereupon Life’s Ruler looked upon the dry land, the Preserver of mankind [found it] widely visible, and the King of 165 Glory called it “Earth.”  He established a proper channel for the waves, the broad flood, and fettered....

* * * * *

(Lacuna in MS.[5])

* * * * *

The Ruler of Heaven did not think it fitting that 170 Adam, the keeper of Paradise and shepherd of the new creation, should be alone any longer:  so the supreme King, Ruler Almighty, made a companion for him—­ created Woman, and gave this helpmate to his cherished 175 Man as the first and fruitful light of his life.  He took his material from Adam’s body and skilfully removed a rib from his side:  the latter was deep in repose and slumbered peacefully; he felt no pain, though a little 180 uneasiness, nor did a drop of blood come from the wound, but the Prince of the Angels took from his body a living bone while the man was unwounded.  From this God fashioned a noble woman, and put into her the breath of life and an immortal soul:  these two were like the 185 angels.  Thus was Adam’s bride[6] endowed with a living spirit.  They were both radiantly beautiful in their youthfulness, in the world prepared by the might of the Lord:  they did not know how to undertake or 190 work evil, but on the contrary there was in the breast of each a burning love of God.  Then the benign King, Ruler of everyone born of the race of man, blessed these first two creatures, father and mother, woman and man.  Thereafter he spoke these words:  195

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