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He did not decline the expedition, but straightway began to hasten the procedure:  the word of the King 2860 of Angels was sacred to him, and his Master was beloved.  Then the pious Abraham forsook his nightly repose, with no resistance at all to the command of the Saviour, but the holy man girded himself with his grey sword 2865 and declared that the fear of the Keeper of Spirits dwelt in his breast.  Worn with age, the dispenser of gold began to harness his asses, and bade two young men go with him:  his own son was the third and he himself the fourth.  Without delay he then set out to lead Isaac 2870 from his own home, the ungrown child, as the Lord bade him; hastened exceedingly and hurried forth on the way, as the Lord showed him the paths over the wastes, until the glorious beginning of the third day 2875 arose across deep water.  There the worthy man saw a high dune rise, as the King of Glory had foretold to him.  So Abraham spoke to his servants: 

“My men!  Remain ye here in this place.  We shall 2880 return, after we have offered to the King of Spirits what was entrusted to us both.”

The noble man then departed with his own son toward 2885 the designated spot which the Lord showed him, striding through the forest; the son bore the wood, the father fire and sword.  Then the man young in years began to ask Abraham about the affair, in these words: 

“We have here fire and sword, my lord:  where is the 2890 noble victim that you expect to bring as a burnt-offering to God?”

Abraham replied (he had once for all decided that he would do as the Lord directed him): 

“That the True King, Guardian of mankind, will 2895 himself provide, as it seemeth to him meet.”

Then with unfaltering purpose he ascended the steep dune, with his son, as the Eternal had bidden him, until he stood on the crest of the high land, on the [spot][41] which the mighty, faithful Lord had shown him in his 2900 words.  Forthwith he began to build the funeral-pyre and kindle the fire, and he bound his son hand and foot, and then laid young Isaac on the pile, and then straight-way grasped the sword by the hilt:  he was resolved to 2905 kill his son with his own hands and allay the flames with his child’s blood.

At that moment a minister of God, one of the angels, called Abraham from above, with a loud voice.  Motion-less he answered the angel and awaited the herald’s 2910 speech.  To him then forthwith God’s glorious spirit-messenger spoke from above, out of heaven, in these words: 

“Beloved Abraham!  Do not slay thine own son, but take the boy alive from the pile, thy child.  The God 2915 of Glory has spared him.  Prince of the Ebrews, through the holy hand of the King of Heaven thou shalt thyself receive recompense and true rewards of victory, ample gifts:  the Keeper of Spirits will enrich thee with blessings, 2920 because his peace and favor were dearer to thee than thine own child.”

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