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“Nor need Abraham, thy lord and master, set it in reproach against thee that thou hast trodden the ways of my dwelling, O woman goddess-fair:  for I have richly 2730 repaired thine offence with him, with white silver.  Do not trouble yourselves to seek riches and strange friends away from this land, but dwell here.”

Abraham did as his king bade him, and at the ruler’s 2735 behest accepted friendship, love, and peace.  He was dear to God:  therefore he enjoyed tranquility happily and proceeded under the shadow of his Creator, covered 2740 by His protecting wings, while he lived.  But God was still angry at Abimeleh for the sin which he had committed against Sarra and Abraham, when he sepa-rated these two loving ones, the wife and the husband. 2745 He received a severe penalty for this deed:  for neither free nor slave women could reward[38] the men their masters with children, for the Lord prevented it, until the holy Abraham began to pray Eternal God for grace 2750 in behalf of his king.  The Protector of the Angels granted him his prayer, and restored to the king the fertility of the free and the enslaved, men and women; again the Ruler of the skies allowed the number of their off- 2755 spring to increase, their prosperity and possessions:  the Almighty Keeper of Mankind became mild in heart towards Abimeleh, as Abraham entreated Him.

Then the Almighty Lord came to Sarra, as He Himself 2760 promised:  Our Master, the Ruler of Life, had fulfilled His promise to the dear man and woman.  A son was be-gotten of Abraham upon his wife, whom the Prince of the Angels named Isaac even before the mother was great 2765 with child by the chieftain.  Abraham with his own hand set the sign upon him, as the Lord glorious in splendor bade him, about a week from the time when his mother 2770 brought him into the world to mankind.


The boy grew and throve, inasmuch as noble [traits] were native to him from his ancestors.  Abraham had [numbered] 100 years when, to his joy, his wife bore him a son:  he had waited for this for a long time, since the 2775 Lord first through His own word foretold this day of happiness.  Now the matter so happened that his wife once saw Ismael playing before Abraham where they were both seated at a banquet, holy in heart, and all 2780 their household retainers were drinking and singing.  Then the noble woman spoke, as wife to husband: 

“Forgive me, my dear lord, keeper of the ring!  But bid Agar depart elsewhere, and take Ismael with her. 2785 We should no longer be together, for my pleasure, if I might have my way.  Never shall Ismael share the heritage with Isaac, my own son, after thee, when thou yieldest up thy spirit from the body.” 2790

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