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Thereupon the crowd, the shameless race, answered 2475 him through common consent: 

“It seems very right and fitting that thou shouldst depart out of this neighborhood, thou who bereft of friends and with the step of an exile soughtest this people from afar, in thy need:  wilt thou, if thou mayst, be our 2480 ruler here, the teacher of the people?”

Then I heard of Loth how the heathen masses gripped him with their hands, with hostile grasp:  his guests aided him well and the righteous strangers drew him 2485 out of the clutches of the enemy back within the walls, and then speedily closed fast the eyesight of every one of the people of Sodoma standing around:  the whole 2490 crowd of citizens forthwith became blind; nor could they, in their evil rage, break into the house after the guests, as they intended, but the messengers of God were [too] active for them; the stranger had power, irre- 2495 sistible vigor, and was very severe upon the people in [inflicting] punishment.  Then the dear ministers of peace spoke fairly to Loth, in these words: 

“If thou hast a son, or dear relative, or any friend among these people besides these maidens whom we see 2500 here, lead out of this city those who are dear to thee, with great haste, and save thine own life, lest thou perish with these law-breakers.  For the Lord has commanded us, because of the people’s sins, to give over Sodoma and 2505 Gomorra to black flame and fire, and to slay these people, [striking] the race in their cities with deadly horrors, and so wreak His wrath [upon them].  It has nearly reached the appointed time.  Set out on thy way, to save thy life:  the Lord is merciful to thee...."[34] 2510

Loth then hastily answered them: 

“I cannot, with these womenfolk, seek my safety so far from here in a journey on foot.  You manifest to me kindness and fair friendship, you grant me grace 2515 and good-will.  I know a lofty town near here, a little fortress:  leave me there, in honor and peace, so that we may seek safety above, in Sigor.  If you will protect that 2520 lofty fastness from the fire, we can abide in that place unharmed, in safety, and so preserve our lives.”

Then the righteous angels answered him benevol- 2525 ently: 

“Thou shalt be successful in this petition, now thou speakest about that city:  withdraw immediately to that fastness.  We shall keep thee in peace and safety.  We must not wreak the wrath of God upon these law- 2530 breakers and destroy the sinful race, before thou hast led thy children and wife likewise into Saegor.”

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