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“In this city I hear tumult, the din of sinners ex-ceedingly loud, the vain-glory of those drunk with ale; evil speech have the people, behind their walls:  for the 2410 sins of the race, of the treacherous apostates, are heavy.  I will now find out what the men are doing, O man of the Hebrews, [to see] whether they [actually] commit sins so grossly in their habits and thoughts as they perversely speak of crimes and vices:  sulphur and black 2415 flame, sorely and grimly, hotly and vehemently, shall avenge this on the heathenish people.”


The men with their wives were approaching their punishment, sufferings within their walls:  arrogant in riches, they requited the Lord for their prosperity with 2420 insult, until the Protector of spirits, the Source of Light and Life, would tolerate their offence no longer:  but to them the steadfast King sent two strong messengers of his, who arrived at eventide at the fortress of Sodoma, 2425 in their traveling.  At the city-gate they found the warrior, the son of Aron, sitting by himself, so that they appeared before the eyes of the wise man as young men.  Then the servant of the Lord arose before the spirits, 2430 went forward to greet the strangers civilly, thought their demeanor very proper and agreeable, and invited the men to be his guests for the night.  The noble messengers of our Preserver answered him thus: 

“For the courtesy which you have extended to us, 2435 accept our thanks.  In this street we expect quietly to wait for the time when the Lord shall let the sun [go] forth again for the morning.”

Then humbly Loth[33] bowed at the feet of the strangers 2440 and eagerly offered them the repose and refreshments and shelter and service of his dwelling.  They accepted thankfully the benevolence of the good man, and followed him forthwith inside his walls, as the Hebrew chieftain invited them.  There in his hall the generous wise- 2445 souled man gave them fair hospitality, until twilight departed:  then came night, after the close of day, and veiled with darkness the lake-streams, seas, and broad 2450 land, and [all] the pomp of this life.  Then the men of Sodoma came, young and old, hateful to God, to demand the strangers, with a great throng so that they surrounded 2455 Loth and his guests by the multitude of their force; they bade [him] lead out of the lofty hall the holy mess-engers [and put] the men in their power; they said openly in words that they would have intercourse with the men shamefully, and had no regard for decency.  Then 2460 Loth, who often knew what was best, quickly arose in his house, and went out at once; and the son of Aron, mindful of his cunning, spoke thus over all the mass of people: 

“Here are within two spotless [maidens], my daughters:  2465 neither of these damsels knows intercourse as yet through sleeping with a man:  do then as I bid you, and cease from this sin.  I give them both to you, before you commit this vileness against nature, heinous evil against 2470 the sons of men.  Receive these maidens and let my guests go free, since I will defend them against you as well as I can, before God!”

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