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“Whither do you intend to push your journey, my 2270 poor woman?  Sarre owns thy service!”

She answered him at once: 

“Deprived of every pleasure, jeered out of the house by the hatred of my mistress, I have fled from woes, afflictions, and injuries.  Now with tear-stained cheek must I await my fate[30] in the wilderness, [the time] 2275 when hunger or a wolf removes life and sorrow together from my heart.”

Then the angel answered her: 

“Seek not thou in flight far hence to avoid thy con- 2280 cubinage, but return again, earn honor for thyself, begin submissively to cultivate dutifulness, become dear to thy master.  Thou shalt, Agar, bring a son into the world to Abraham:  with my word I tell thee now that this 2285 man-child shall be called Ismahel, among men.  He shall be rough, warlike, hostile to the races of men and to his own kinsfolk:  many a one shall struggle against 2290 him in wrath, with assault of arms.  From this prince nations shall spring, numberless peoples.  Depart now to seek thy master again:  live with those who own thee!”

In accordance with the angel’s command, she at once returned to her lord, as the holy spirit-messenger of God 2295 bade her, in sapient speech.  Thus was Ismael born to Abraham, even when he had [lived] 86 winters in the world.  The son grew and flourished, as the angel, the 2300 true minister of peace, had promised to the woman by his own word.

About thirteen years after that, the Lord and Ever-lasting King spoke with Abraham: 

“Dear man, as I command thee, so do thou keep well our covenant:  I will to all time exalt thee in blessings. 2305 Be thou zealously observant of my will in thy deeds:  I will still further confirm with truth the pledge which I gave to thee as earnest of comfort, when thy spirit grieved.  Thou shalt hallow thy household:  set a true 2310 sign of victory on each one of the male sex, if thou wilt have in me a Master or dear Friend of thy race.  I shall [always] be keeper and sustainer of this people, if thou 2315 dost obey me in thy innermost thoughts and art willing to fulfil my commands.  In his infancy shall every individual of the male sex in this race, about seven nights after he comes into the world, be marked for me with 2320 the sign of victory, or from the face of the earth be driven far through my hostility, thrust out from his possessions.  Do as I bid:  I will be true to you all, if ye bear that sign with true faith.  Thou shalt possess 2325 a son, a child by thy wife, whom men shall all call Isaac.  Nor needst thou be ashamed of this son:  but I will give to this man-child my divine gifts, by the might of the spirit, abundance of friends, with prosperity.  He shall 2330 receive my grace and blessing, love and favor.  From this prince shall come broad nations, shall arise many famous warriors, keepers of kingdoms, world-kings widely 2335 renowned.”

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