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“Ruler of the people, I pledge to thee this my word, 2140 before the Holy One who is sole Master of heaven and this earth:  there is no worldly treasure that I will take for my own, neither riches nor money of thine which I have rescued from the [hostile] bowmen, O great king, protector of thy nobles, lest thou oft hereafter say that 2145 I became rich on earth through the treasure and former wealth of the kingdom of Sodom;[28] but thou shalt take hence the booty which I regained for thee in battle, 2150 all except the shares of these noble warriors, Aner, and Mamre, and Escol.  I am unwilling to deprive these warriors of their rights:  for they stood by me in the combat, and fought in your behalf.  Go now and take home the wrought gold and the beloved maidens, the 2155 womenfolk of thy people.  Thou needst not fear for a while the attack of the hostile warriors, the battle of the northmen, for the birds of prey sit all smeared with blood, among the fastnesses of the mountains, well 2160 gorged with the slaughter of the armies.”

So the king set out on his return home with the spoils which the pious lord of the Hebrews, regardful of honor, gave up to him.

Then again to Abraham the High-King of Heaven 2165 showed himself, with holy speech comforted the wise-hearted man, and spoke to him thus: 

“Great are thy rewards.  Let not now thy heart grow idle, thou steadfast [doer] of my will.  Nor needst thou fear anyone, while thou heedest my commandment, for with my own hands will I shelter and shield thee 2170 during thy life-time here against every woe:  thou needst not be fearful.”


Then Abraham, famed for his deeds, answered his Lord and asked Him, in the fullness of his days: 

“O Ruler of spirits, what dost thou give me for free- 2175 men’s solace, now that I am thus solitary?  I have no need to found an ancestral seat for any sons of mine, but after me shall my distant kinsmen dispose of my goods; thou hast not given me a son, and therefore sorrows weigh upon me very heavily in my heart; I myself can 2180 not devise any counsel.  My steward goes rejoicing in his sons, and is firmly persuaded in his thoughts that after me his sons shall be the keepers of the heritage:  they see that no children are born to me of my bride.”

To him then at once God answered:  2185

“Never shall thy steward possess the heritage of thy sons:  but thine own children shall hold the treasure, when thy flesh lies [in the grave].  Behold the sky.  Count those jewels, the stars of heaven, which now freely scatter 2190 their glorious radiance far and wide to shine brilliantly over the broad surface of the sea.  Such shall be the multitude of thy descendants, rich in progeny. 

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