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until they were not far from Domascus.  Then Abraham set out on 2085 the war-track to see the retreat of the wicked men.  Lot was freed, the chieftain with his possessions, [while] the women [and] wives were restored to joy.  Far and wide they saw the birds of prey rending the murderers of free-men in sword-slaughter.  Abraham brought back again 2090 the treasure and brides of the southlanders, the children of the nobles nearer their homes, the maidens to their families.  Of all men living here [on earth], no one ever achieved a more worthy military expedition with a 2095 small force which was attacking so great a multitude.


Then the people of Sodoma was southward from there, to bear the news as to what rout of their fierce foes had occurred.  Forthwith the king of the people, bereft of his nobles and stripped of friends, went out to meet Abraham; he brought with him the master of the 2100 treasure of Solomia:  that was the great Melchisedec, bishop of the people.  He came with gifts to greet fairly the prince of the warriors, [to approach] Abraham honor- 2105 ably, and he pronounced upon him the blessing of God and spoke thus: 

“Highly wert thou exalted among the number of heroes before the eyes of Him who gave thee the glory of the ash-spear in battle:  that is God himself, who mightily de-stroyed the forces of the hostile armies and let thee with 2110 thy weapons hew out bloody paths broadly [through the foe], regain the booty, and fell the warriors.  They were encamped by the way:  nor could the withdrawing army prevail in hand-to-hand conflict, but God put it to flight, 2115 who with His own hands preserved thee with thy warriors in the fight, against the terror of superior numbers, and [so likewise] the sacred pledge [preserved thee] which thou rightfully holdest with the Keeper of the skies.”

With his own hand the hero gave him a return for this 2120 blessing, and Abraham bestowed upon the bishop of God the value of every tenth part of the army’s booty.  Then spoke the war-king, ruler of Sodoma, bereft of his people, to Abraham, (to him mercy was needful):  2125

“Give me back the maidens of my people, whom thou by the might of thy army hast snatched from the deadly bonds of the foe.  Keep thou the wrought gold which formerly was the property of our people, [keep] the 2130 herds and the treasure.  Only let me lead back again in freedom, to their hearths and desolated homes, the children of the people, the wives and boys and wretched widows.  The young men, my companions, who should have 2135 held the borders with me, are dead, [all] but a very few.”

Then Abraham answered him straightway, in the pres-ence of the chieftains exalted in valor, power, and vic-tory, and nobly said: 

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