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A warrior, a survivor of the sword who was spared in battle, escaped from them suddenly, to seek Abraham:  2020 he reported to the Ebrew chieftain the outcome of the fray,—­the people of Sodoma sorely stricken, the nation’s wealth, and Loth’s situation.  Thereupon Abraham re-ported the evil tidings to his friends; the steadfast hero 2025 requested aid of his favorite companions, Aner, Mamre, and thirdly Escol, saying that it would be gall to his heart and bitterest grief if his nephew should have to 2030 suffer slavery:  bade the warriors famed in battle think of some plan so that his dear kinsman might be freed, the hero with his bride.  In reply the three brothers, famed in war, with great readiness assuaged his grief by their 2035 hardy words, and pledged their troth to Abraham that they would avenge his injury upon his foes, with him, or else fall in battle.

Then the holy man bade his companions take their 2040 weapons:  he found there 318 spear-bearing warriors, loyal to their ruler, of whom he knew that every one could well support the tawny linden-shield in an onset. 2045 So Abraham set out with the three chieftains who had just pledged their troth to him, and the band of their followers.  He wished to rescue his kinsman at least, Loth, from suffering.[26] These warriors were famous:  they bore their shields forth boldly on the march.  The 2050 war-wolves, [meanwhile], had nearly reached their camping-place:  then the prudent man, the son of Thare, spoke to his war-leaders in these words, (great was his need!), that they[27] should advance on the enemy in two 2055 divisions with grim conflict and hard swordplay:  said, [further], that the Holy Lord Everlasting might easily give him success in the spear-fight.

Then I heard how under the cover of night the heroes 2060 ventured on into battle:  the din of shields and shafts arose in their sleeping-quarters, the slaughter of archers and impact of battle-arrows; sharp swords smote hate-fully under the breast of men, and the bodies of foes 2065 fell thickly, where the exulting heroes and comrades were bringing together the spoil.  Victory, men’s glory in war, turned aside again from the battle of the north-men.  Abraham gave armed conflict and not in any 2070 wise wrought gold, as ransom for his nephew; he slew and felled the enemy in fair fight:  to aid him, the Guard-ian of the heavenly kingdom took [a part in the fray].  The four armies were put to flight, [with] the kings and leaders of the people:  behind them pressed the joyful 2075 band and [there] the heroes were slain; the others were given over to flight,—­those who had stolen the gold of Sodom and Gomorra, and robbed the stewards:  fiercely did 2080 the uncle of Loth requite them for it.  The noble leaders of the Elamites were fleeing, bereft of power,

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