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Abraham and Loth lived in these dwellings and had 1890 abundance of prosperity, ruled over their heritage, until they could not enjoy plenty together any longer in that land and keep the possessions of both there, but the worthy warriors had to seek broader seats elsewhere. 1895 There were often dissensions among the followers of the steadfast heroes, quarrels among the herdsmen.  Then the blessed Abraham, mindful of their honor, began to speak fairly to Loth:  1900

“I am thy father’s born brother, thou art my nephew; quarrels shall not wax great between us, nor anger grow:  may God forbid that!  But we are blood-re-lations:  between us shall nothing be except, most fit- 1905 tingly, long-enduring love.  Now bethink thee, Loth, that about our borders dwell mighty men, powerful peoples with lords and vassals, the Cananite and Feretite nations, with energetic warriors:  their landed property 1910 will not make any more room for us.  Therefore shall we remove our differences from this place and seek broader dwelling-places for ourselves:  I speak what is best for us both, son of Aron, a true saying.  I leave 1915 the choice to thee, dear friend.  Ponder with thyself and consider in thy heart in which direction thou wilt take thy departure, go forth with thy herds:  now I have yielded thee the choice!”

Then Loth left him to seek land by the Iordan, fertile 1920 country:  it was refreshed with waters and enriched with fruits, bright with rivers, and like to the earthly par-adise of God, until God the Saviour because of men’s 1925 sins gave Sodoma and Gomorra to destruction, to the dark flames.  So the son of Aron chose his dwelling-place there, a settlement in the city of Sodoma, and brought[24] thither all his possessions, rings and private 1930 property from Bethlem, goods, and wrought gold.  For many years thereafter he dwelt by the Iordan:  fair dwelling-places were there, but vicious men also, hateful to the Lord.  The people of Sodoma were bold in sin, 1935 shameful in their deeds:  they brought upon themselves eternal woe.  Loth would never adopt the customs of the country, but he always eschewed the habits of this people, [their] evil and sin, even though he had to live 1940 in their land, and kept himself pure, virtuous, and pa-tient, even in this nation, just as if—­mindful of [his Lord’s] teaching—­he did not know what these people were doing.

Abraham dwelt by the habitations of the Cananites:  1945 the King of the Angels, Lord of mankind, held him under his protection, with abundance of good things and worldly treasures, love and joy; therefore the races of 1950 men, children of baptism, sing his praise widely under the clouds.  Pious and prudent, he freely obeyed the Lord in his land as long as he enjoyed the heritage:  never need a defenceless human being ever become in any way a terrified and fearful man before the Lord, 1955 if he will always, until his departure from life, thank Him heedfully in speech and in heart, by word and deed, with wise mind after every favor.[25]

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