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These angelic hosts were wont to feel joy and rapture, transcendent bliss, in the presence of their Creator:  their beatitude was measureless.  Glorious ministers 15 magnified their Lord, spoke his praise with zeal, lauded the Master of their being, and were excellently happy in the majesty of God.  They had no knowledge of working evil or wickedness, but dwelt in innocence 20 forever with their Lord:  from the beginning they wrought in heaven nothing but righteousness and truth, until a Prince of angels through pride strayed into sin:  then they would consult their own advantage no longer, but turned away from God’s lovingkindness.  They had 25 vast arrogance, in that by the might of multitudes they sought to wrest from the Lord the celestial mansions, spacious and heaven-bright.  Then there fell upon them, grievously, the envy, presumption, and pride of the Angel who first began to carry out the evil plot, 30 to weave it and promote it, when he boasted by word—­ as he thirsted for conflict—­that he wished to own the home and high throne of the heavenly kingdom to the north.  Thereupon God became angered and hostile 35 towards the beings whom he had formerly exalted in beauty and glory:  he created for the traitors a marvelous abode as penalty for their action, namely the pangs of Hell, bitter afflictions; Our Lord called forth that 40 abysmal joyless house of punishment to wait for the outcast keepers of souls.[3] When he knew that it was ready, he enveloped it in eternal night and equipped it with torment, filling it with fire and fearful cold, with fume and red flame:  then he commanded the terrors of suffering to increase throughout that hapless place. 45

They had committed a dire sin against God:  on that account dire punishment befell them.  They asserted, in fierce mood, that they wished to seize the kingdom and could easily do so:  but this presumption mocked them when their Lord, the high King of heaven, lifted 50 up his almighty hand against the throng.  The mad rebels, accursed ones, could not make head against God, but the Highest troubled their spirits and humbled their pride, for he was incensed; he stripped the sinners of 55 victory and might, of dominion and honor, and further took from his foes happiness, peace, and all joys, as well as bright glory, and finally, with his own exceeding power, wreaked his wrath on his adversaries in mighty ruin. 60 He was stern in mood, grimly embittered, and seized upon his foes with resistless grasp and broke them in his grip, enraged at heart, and deprived his opponents of their native seat,[4] their bright abodes on high.  For 65 our Creator dismissed and banished from heaven the overweening band of angels:  the Lord sent away on a long journey the faithless multitude, the hateful host, the miserable spirits; their pride

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