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Then the race of Sem increased and multiplied under the clouds, until a man arose in the number of that kingly people, a sagacious man, prudent in habit.  To 1705 this nobleman sons were born, two free children were born in Babylon, and these chieftains, strong-minded heroes, were called Abraham and Aaron.  The Sovereign 1710 of the Angels was friend and guide to both these leaders.  Then to Aaron was born a son, upright in life, whose name was Loth.  Thereafter the righteous heroes, Abraham and Loth, throve nobly in the Lord’s sight, as 1715 the inheritance in the kingdom came to them from their parents; therefore they widely glorified the sons of men with gifts.


Now the period of time had come when Abraham 1720 brought a wife, a fair and free-born bride to his house, where he possessed a dwelling:  the woman was named Sarra, as the books tell us.  They enjoyed life thus for many winters, held the property together in peace for 1725 many years.  But it was not vouchsafed to Abraham as yet that his bright-faced bride should bring into the world a guardian for his heritage, that Sarra [should bear] sons and daughters to Abraham.

Then Abraham’s father set out with his family and 1730 [all] his substance to pass through the Caldean country:  he wisely wished to seek the land of Canan, with his household.  The cousins chosen by the Lord, Abraham and Loth, went with him out of their heritage.  Then 1735 the nobly-born sons of the patriarchs took up their dwelling in Carran, the men with their wives.  In his home here Abraham’s father departed this life, the 1740 steadfast worthy:  he had told 205 winters, in all, when he fared forth ripe in years to meet his fate.

Then the holy Guardian of the heavenly kingdom, the 1745 Eternal Lord, spoke to Abraham: 

“Set forth now, and take thy movable possessions and fertile herds with thee.  Give up Carran, thy father’s dwelling-place.  Depart, as I bid thee, O dearest of men, and heed well my instructions, and seek the land 1750 which I shall show thee, a broad verdant country.  Thou shalt live blessed under my protection:  if any of the dwellers on earth greet thee with evil, I will set upon 1755 them my curse and my hatred, long-lasting affliction; and I shall give favors, abundance of blessings, to those who treat thee well.  Through thee shall all earth-dwellers, sons of man, receive peace and friendship, 1760 my grace and blessing, in this world.  Far spreading under the sun shall be the number of thy race by [the birth of] sons and daughters, until many a region of the 1765 earth shall be filled with thy progeny.”

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