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Noe did as the Lord commanded him, obeyed the 1315 holy King of Heaven, began at once to build that Ark, the mighty sea-chest; he told his kinsmen that there was a horrible thing impending over the people, dire punishment:  but they heeded this not at all.  Then, 1320 after several winters, the Changeless Lord saw that the vast sea-house, Noe’s vessel, towered up in readiness, strengthened within and without with the best earth-lime, against the waves; it is unique in its kind:  the harder the fierce waters of the dark billows beat it, the 1325 stouter does it ever become.


Then our Preserver spoke to Noe:  “I give thee my pledge for this, O dearest of mankind, that thou mayst now take up thy course with the creatures of all kinds 1330 which thou shalt bear across the deep water for many days, in the bosom of thy vessel.  Lead on board the Ark, as I bid thee, thy sons, the three first-born, and your four wives.  And do thou take into the sea-house 1335 seven [members] duly counted of each of the species that live to [supply] nourishment for men, and two of each of the others:  likewise take on the Ark some of all plants growing on earth used for food by the people who are 1340 to sail over the floods with thee.  Feed freely the differ-ent species of animals, until I shall prepare a place under heaven by my Word for those who are saved from this watery journey.  Depart now with thy household into 1345 the Ark, with the multitude of dependent things; I know thee for a good and true man:  thou art worthy of safety and mercy, with thy sons.  In seven nights now I shall let the deadly rain fall from above upon the face 1350 of the broad earth.  For forty days will I set my ven-geance against mankind, and with a deluge blot out all the possessions and possessors that are beyond the sides of the Ark, when the black storm begins to descend.” 1355

Then Noe left him, as our Preserver commanded, in order to lead his children on board the Ark, men and their wives together on the great ship; and all that God Al-mighty wished to preserve for perpetuating their spe-cies, went on board to their food-giver, as the Almighty 1360 Lord of Hosts bade them through his word.  With his own hands, the Guardian of Heaven, Wielder of Victory, locked the entrance of the sea-house behind them, and 1365 our Saviour blessed [all] within the Ark with his own grace.  Noe, the son of Lamech, had 600 winters when he embarked with his sons, at God’s command,—­that 1370 wise man, with the young people, his dear kinsfolk.

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