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“The Eternal Lord of Victory and Ruler of Life has given me a son in place of the dear one whom Cain slew, and our God has driven my grievous sorrow from 1115 my heart with this man-child:  to Him be praise for this!” When he began again to raise up another son to him-self by his wife, to be his heir, Adam the vigorous cham-pion had [numbered] 130 winters of this life in the world. 1120 The Scriptures tell us that on earth here for 800 years after that, Adam increased his family with maidens and youths:  in all he had 930[12] winters, when he had to 1125 give over this world through the departure of his spirit.  After him Seth ruled over the people,[13] the son held the heritage after the parents, and took unto himself 1130 a wife:  he counted 105 winters when he first began to increase the numbers of his family by sons and daughters.  The eldest son of Seth was called Enos:  he first of all 1135 the children of man called upon God,[14] since Adam stepped upon the green grass, endowed with the spirit of life.  Seth was happy, and afterwards begot sons and daughters for 807 winters:  in all he had 912, when 1140 the time was fulfilled that he should accomplish his departure.

After him, when he departed out of the world, Enos held the heritage, after the earth had received the body 1145 of Seth, fruitful in the Lord.  He was dear to God, and lived here 90 winters before he begot children here by his wife through intercourse:  to him then was Cainan first born, an heir in his ancestral home.  Afterwards 1150 for 815 winters[15] in the peace of God, the wise hero begot offspring, sons and daughters:  he died, the sage patriarch, when he had [fulfilled] 905 [years].

After Enos, Cainan was chieftain, keeper, and leader 1155 of his race:  he had [numbered] 70 winters before a son was born to him:  when an heir was born for the patri-mony, this son of Cainan was called Malalehel.  There- 1160 after for 840 [years] he increased the number of his family by [begetting] children.  In all, the son of Enos had [lived] 910 winters, when he left this world, when 1165 the number of his appointed days under the expanse of the skies was fulfilled.


After him Malalehel kept the land and inheritance for many seasons.  The chieftain had [lived] 65 winters, 1170 when he began to beget children by his wife.  His wife brought a son to him, the woman to the man:  this son in his childhood, as I have heard, the man-child in his youth, was called Jared.  After this Malalehel lived 1175 long and rejoiced in [his] blessings, [all] the delights of men here below and worldly treasures:  895 winters had he numbered when he departed; to his son he left the 1180 land and the government.

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