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rest of her family, and so I pity this little sister of ours, while at the same time I am exceedingly anxious to be present whenever Juno takes her in hand, for I like to see the fun.  Were she at all bookish, I should avow myself her champion, and openly defend her; but she is not, and so I give her into the hands of the Philistines, hoping they will at least spare her hair and not worry her life out on that head.  It is very becoming to her, and several young ladies have whispered their intention of trying its effect upon themselves, so that Katy may yet be a leader of the fashion.


Toning down.

Bell’s Diary Continued.

Such fun as it was to see mother and Juno training Katy, showing her how to enter the parlor, how to arrange her dress, how to carry her hands and feet, and how to sit in a chair—­Juno going through with the performance first, and then requesting Katy to imitate her, which I must say she did to perfection, even excelling her teacher, inasmuch as she is naturally very easy and graceful.  Had I been Katy I should have rebelled, but she is far too sweet-tempered and anxious to please, while I half suspect that fear of my lord Wilford had something to do with it, for when the drill was over, she asked so earnestly if we thought he would be ashamed of her, and there were tears in her great blue eyes as she said it.  Hang Wilford!  Hang the whole of them!  I am not sure but I shall espouse her cause myself, or else tell father, who will do it so much better.

Dec.—­th.—­Another drill, with Juno commanding officer, while the poor little private seemed completely worried out.  This time there were open doors, but so absorbed were mother and Juno as not to hear the bell, and just as Juno was saying, “Now, imagine me Mrs. General Reynolds, to whom you are being presented,” while Katy was bowing almost to the floor, who should appear but Mark Ray, stumbling square upon that ludicrous rehearsal, and of course bringing it to an end.  No explanation was made, nor was any needed, for Mark’s face showed that he understood it, and it was as much as he could do to keep from roaring with merriment; I am sure he pitied Katy, for his manner toward her was very affectionate and kind, and when once she left the room he complimented her highly, repeating many things he had heard in her praise from those who had seen her both in the street and here at home.  Juno’s face was like a thundercloud, for she was as much in love with Mark Ray as she was once with Dr. Grant, and is even jealous of his praise of Katy.  Glad am I that I never yet saw the man who could make me jealous, or for whom I cared a pin.  There’s Bob Reynolds up at West Point.  I suppose I do think his epaulettes very becoming to him, but his hair is too light and he cannot raise whiskers big enough to cast a shadow on the wall, while I know he looks with contempt upon females who write,

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