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of, 42
  heating problems in, 35 f.
  income in, apportionment of, 50 ff.
  industrial revolution, effect of, on, 7 ff.
  industries in, 12 ff.
  labor-saving devices in, 44 ff.
  running the domestic machinery, 49-72
  servant question in, 44 ff.
  site for, selection of, 31 f.
  the ideal, 18-26
  urban conditions as affecting, 10 f.
  waste disposal in, 37 ff.
  water supply in, 36 f.
  women, effect of education of, on, 8 ff.

  community problems in country and city affecting, 28, 30
  dietetics, knowledge of, necessary to, 54 ff.
  education for, 25 f.
  educational agencies involved in training for, 75-85
  financial knowledge necessary for, 49 ff.
  home’s influence in training for, 81 ff.
  tasks suitable for the small child, 109
  teacher’s responsibility in training for, 78, 80 f.
  the real business of woman, 14 ff.
  vocations as affecting, 194-202 (see also the specific vocations)

Home work, school credit for, 105 ff.

  tasks suitable for the small child, 109
  teaching the mechanics of, 102-121

Hygiene, study of, as a preparation for homemaking, 120

Income, apportionment of, 50 ff.

Industrial revolution, effects of, on home life, 7 ff.

Industries (see also Vocations): 
  in the home, 12 ff.
  women in, Census statistics concerning, 151, 152, 153, 154
  women’s wage statistics, 160

Industry, teaching the child habits of, 96 ff.

Imitation, evils of, 59 f.

Imitative instinct, influence of, in training the child, 90, 102

Labor-saving devices in the home, 44 ff.

Leominster, Massachusetts, a school lunch room, 111

Library work, possibilities in and qualifications for, 189 f.

Literary work as a preparation for homemaking, 201

Marriage, 218-240
  age of, for women, 152, 219 f.
  factors influencing, 226 f.
  ideals of, 226 f.

Massachusetts plan of school credit for home work, 106

Millinery, possibilities in and qualifications for, 172

Montclair, New Jersey, school lunchroom, 111

Montessori materials as means of teaching habits of industry, 98

Mother (see also Woman): 
  characteristics of the ideal, 21 ff.
  community institutions, relation to, 65 ff.
  school, duty to, 65 ff.

Nearing, Scott, quoted, 18

Newark, New Jersey, Central High School, lunch room in, 111

New York City, Public School No. 7, model school home, 113

  as a preparation for homemaking, 197 ff.
  possibilities in and qualifications for, 190 f.

Occupations. See Vocations; see also the specific occupations

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