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     Contains nineteen volumes on “Condition of Women and Child
     Wage-Earners in the United States.”  The most comprehensive
     study of conditions of women in industry before the war.

     Bulletin No. 175. “Summary of the Report on the Condition of
        Women and Child Wage-Earners in the United States.”  Gives
        in condensed form the findings in the nineteen volumes.

GOWIN and WHEATLEY. Occupations. Boston:  Ginn & Co.

HOLLINGWORTH, H.L. Vocational Psychology:  Its Problems and Methods.
New York:  D. Appleton & Co.

LASELLE and WILEY. Vocations for Girls. Boston:  Houghton Mifflin Co.

LEAKE, ALBERT H. The Vocational Education of Girls and Women. New
York:  Macmillan.

MCKEEVER, A. Training the Girl. New York:  Macmillan.

PRESSEY, C. PARK. A Vocational Reader. Chicago:  Rand McNally & Co.

     This book shows the teacher the kind of stories that can be
        used for inspiration for grade-school girls.

PUFFER, J. ADAMS. Vocational Guidance.  Chicago:  Rand McNally.& Co.


  Vocations for the Trained Woman.

  The Public Schools and Women in Office Service.


Acting as a preparation for homemaking, 201

Adolescent girl, 130-150. See also Girl

Agriculture, possibilities in and qualifications for, 173 ff.

Arithmetic applied to household problems, 114 ff.

Art courses as education for homemaking, 40, 118 f.

Artist, work of, as a preparation for homemaking, 201

Arts and crafts, possibilities in and qualifications for, 173

Auburn, Washington, Central School, manual arts courses in, 119

Bibliography, 241 f.

Bruere, Martha B., quoted, 18, 51 f.

Budgets, 50 ff.

Building problems, 32 ff.

Census, statistics regarding women in industry, 151, 152, 153, 154

Chapin, Dr., quoted, 50 f.

  imitative instinct as influencing training of, 90, 102
  training for habits of industry, 96 ff.
  training for self-control, 93 ff.
  training for sympathy, 90 f.
  training for unselfishness, 95 f.
  training the little, 86-101

  as a means of betterment in the community, 67
  girl influenced by, 84 f.
  homemaking as influenced by, 84 f.
  women and the, 67

Citizenship, woman and, 71 f.

Clothing (see also Dress): 
  problems of, in the home, 57 ff.
  problems of, for the adolescent girl, 139 ff., 147 f.

  church as a means of betterment in, 67
  home, relation between, and, 62 ff.
  working women, relation to, 157 ff.

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