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I the scarlet witch departs
II and Ariel makes music
III the dear little god! 
IV the Hyndses of Hynds house
V “Thy neighbor as thyself”
VII A bright particular star
VIII peacocks and ivory
IX the judgment of spring
X the forest of Arden
XI the jinnee intervenes
XII man proposes
XIII fires of yesterday
XIV the talisman
XV the heart of Hynds house
XVI the Devill his rainbow
XVII on the knees of the gods
XVIII the greatest gift
XIX deep waters
XX Harbor


Sophy:  A woman named Smith.

Alicia Gaines:  Flower o’ the Peach.

Nicholas Jelnik:  Peacocks and Ivory.

Doctor Richard GeddesCoeur-de-Lion.

The author:  Himself.

The secretary:  A Pleasant Person.

Miss Emmeline Phelps-Parsons:  of Boston, Massachusetts.

Miss Martha Hopkins:  “Clothed in White Samite.”

Judge Gatchell:  The Law.

Schmetz and Riedriech:  Workmen and Visionaries.

The jinnee:  A Son of the Prophet.

Sophronisba Scarlett:  “The Scarlett Witch.”

The Hyndses of Hynds house.

Paying guests.

The people of Hyndsville, south Carolina.

Mary Magdalen; queen-of-SHEEBA; Fernolia:  Important Persons.

Boris:  A Russian Wolfhound.

The black family:  A Witch’s Cat’s Kittens.

Beautiful dog:  Last but not Least.




If it had been humanly possible for Great-Aunt Sophronisba Scarlett to lug her place in Hyndsville, South Carolina, along with her into the next world, plump it squarely in the middle of the Elysian Fields, plaster it over with “No Trespassing” signs, and then settle herself down to a blissful eternity of serving writs upon the angels for flying over her fences without permission, and setting the saved by the ears in general, she would have done so and felt that heaven was almost as desirable a place as South Carolina.  But as even she couldn’t impose her will upon the next world, and there was nobody in this one she hated less than she did me—­possibly because she had never laid eyes on me—­she willed me Hynds House and what was left of the Hynds fortune; tying this string to her bequest:  I must occupy Hynds House within six months, and I couldn’t rent it, or attempt to sell it, without forfeiture of the entire estate.

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