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But Buffalo Bill laughed lightly at this threat, evidently believing the old adage that “A threatened man is long lived.”



Having gone over many of the thrilling scenes in the life of W.F.  Cody, Buffalo Bill, from boyhood to manhood, and shown what indomitable pluck he possesses, and the pinnacle of fame he has reached unaided, and by his own exertions and will, I can only now say that much remains to be told of his riper years, from the time he stepped across the threshold from youth to man’s estate, for since then his life has been one long series of perilous adventures which, though tinged with romance, and seeming fiction, will go down to posterity as true border history of this most remarkable man, the truly called King of Prairiemen.


* * * * *

Half-Dime Singer’s Library

   1 WHOA, EMMA! and 59 other Songs.
   2 CAPTAIN CUFF and 57 other Songs.
   3 THE GAINSBORO’ HAT and 62 other Songs.
   4 JOHNNY MORGAN and 60 other Songs.
   5 I’LL STRIKE YOU WITH A FEATHER and 62 others,
   6 GEORGE THE CHARMER and 56 other Songs.
   7 THE BELLE OF ROCKAWAY and 52 other Songs.
   8 YOUNG FELLAH, YOU’RE TOO FRESH and 60 others.
   9 SHY YOUNG GIRL and 65 other Songs.
  10 I’M THE GOVERNOR’S ONLY SON and 58 other Songs.
  11 MY FAN and 65 other Songs.
  12 COMIN’ THRO’ THE RYE and 55 other Songs.
  13 THE ROLLICKING IRISHMAN and 59 other Songs.
  14 OLD DOG TRAY and 62 other Songs.
  15 WHOA, CHARLIE and 59 other Songs.
  16 IN THIS WHEAT BY AND BY and 62 other Songs.
  17 NANCY LEE and 58 other Songs.
  18 I’M THE BOY THAT’S BOUND TO BLAZE and 57 others.
  19 THE TWO ORPHANS and 59 other Songs.
  20 WHAT ARE THE WILD WAVES SAYING, SISTER? and 59 other Songs.
  21 INDIGNANT POLLY WOG and 59 other Songs.
  22 THE OLD ARM-CHAIR and 58 other Songs.
  23 ON CONEY ISLAND BEACH and 58 other Songs.
  24 OLD SIMON, THE HOT-CORN MAN and 60 others.
  25 I’M IN LOVE and 56 other Songs.
  26 PARADE OF THE GUARDS and 56 other Songs.
  27 YO, HEAVE, HO! and 60 other Songs.
  28 ’TWILL NEVER DO TO GIB IT UP SO and 60 others.
  29 BLUE BONNETS OVER THE BORDER and 54 others,
  30 THE MERRY LAUGHING MAN and 56 other Songs.
  31 SWEET FORGET-ME-NOT and 55 other Songs.
  32 LEETLE BABY MINE and 53 other Songs.
  33 DE BANJO AM DE INSTRUMENT FOR ME and 53 others.
  34 TAFFY and 50 other Songs.
  35 JUST TO PLEASE THE BOYS and 52 other Songs.
  36 SKATING ON ONE IN THE GUTTER and 52 others.
  37 KOLORED KRANKS and 59 other Songs.
  38 NIL DESPERANDUM and 53 other Songs.
  39 THE GIRL I LEFT BEHIND ME and 50 other Songs.
  40 ’TIS BUT A LITTLE FADED FLOWER and 50 others.
  41 PRETTY WHILHELMINA and 60 other Songs.
  42 DANCING IN THE BARN and 68 other Songs.
  43 H.M.S.  PINAFORE.  COMPLETE, and 17 other Songs.

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