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they at once set a limit to the expansion of ideas, and do not see that the scientific principle of discovery is not confined to laboratory experiments.  Therefore, we must not let ourselves be discouraged by such arguments.  If our friends doubt our sanity, let them doubt it.  The sanity of such men as Galileo and George Stephenson was doubted by their contemporaries, so we are in good company.  At the same time we must not neglect to look after our own sanity.  We must know some intelligible reason for our conclusions, and realize that however unexpected, they are the logical carrying out of principles which we can recognize in the Creation around us.  If we do this we need not fear to spread the wings of fancy, even though some may not be able to accompany us; only we must remember that we are using wings.  Fancy, in the ordinary acceptation of the word, has really no wings; it is like a balloon that just floats wherever any passing current of air may drive it.  The possession of wings implies power to direct our flight, and fancy must be converted into trained Imagination, just as the helpless balloon has been superseded by navigable air-craft.  It must be “the scientific imagination”; and the “scientific imagination” carried into the world of spiritual causation becomes the Word of Power, and its Power is derived from the fact that it is always working according to Law.  Then we may go on confidently, because we are following the same universal principles by which all creation has been evolved, only now we are specializing its action from the standpoint of our own individuality, according to the ancient teaching that Man, the Microcosm, repeats in himself all the laws of the Macrocosm, or great world, around him.

As we begin to see the truth of these things, we begin to transcend the simply generic stage.  That first stage is necessary to provide a starting-point for the next.  The first stage is that of Bondage to Law.  It could not be otherwise for the simple reason that you must learn the law before you can use it.  Then from the stage of Generic Creation we emerge into that of individual Creation, in which we attain liberty through Knowledge of the Law of our own Being; so that it is not a mere theological myth to talk of a New Creation, but it is the logical outcome of what we now are, if, to our recognition of the Power of the Law we add the recognition of the Power of the Word.



We may now turn to speculate a little on some conceivable application of the general principle we have been considering.  It seems to me that, as a result of the generic creation of which I have just spoken, there is in everything what, for want of a better name, I may call “The soul of the subject.”

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